[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(rwny) #2101

My Blender crash every time when use // cross section > Fill section … it work only wire frame mode . is it bug ?

blender 2.79
windows 8.1 cpu i7 GTX960

Thank you sverchok team i am very fun with Sverchok.

(zeffii) #2102

i can confirm this bug. will add to bug tracker, thanks rwny

(zeffii) #2103

In the mean-time rwny you can use the Bisect node

(rwny) #2104

Thank you for your advice .

(serviteur) #2105


How to use cross section ?

(zeffii) #2106

Serviteur, check the docs for Section node, also look at the images just above your question in this thread (they show how to use Section Node and Bisect Node )


(nikitron) #2107

here is json for import to sverchok with import panel
crossection example

animation from crossection with little matrices dropping :

(gritche) #2108


this is my first try with sverchok, so forgive me if this is a noob question…
i made a gear setup base on “extrude separate face” node
i want to scale the extrude only in one axis

can’t find a way to do that…


thx a lot for this great addon!

(zeffii) #2109

If i recall correctly the Extrude Separate Faces is a nodification of the Inset operation ( and bmesh.ops.extrude_discrete_faces ) , at the moment there’s no way for you to limit the axis-of-influence on that node.

You might not be a code/scripter… but the reason is maybe obvious in this line of code taken from the internals…

bmesh.ops.scale(bm, vec=(scale, scale, scale), space=m.inverted(), verts=face.verts)

Showing that the input value of scale, is used for all axis. It’s sane that you would request limiting that to one or two axes… but currently that’s not implemented. I can make a feature request on our issuetracker, it might be interesting for someone new to help out with.

(zeffii) #2110

gritche - Welcome to sverchok by the way. Many people are scared of it :slight_smile: glad to see you persisted.

(gritche) #2111

sadly i’m not a code/scripter, but i understand the limitation. Would be great to have this feature in inset tool, and in Sverchok of course.
Maybe i can do it with “Extrude Region”, but i’m affraid it wil be too complicated for me to do the maths for the matrice.
I’m looking at the “Adaptative Edges” node, i think this is perfect for my needs, will try this

(zeffii) #2112

I think we could make it so the socket-type switches from numbers (scalar) to Vectors if a Vertex socket is connected, and that could facilitate the functionality you look for.

the pseudo code would be

if scalesocket.type == 'scalar':
    vec=(scale, scale, scale)
elif scalesocket.type == 'vector':
    vec=(scale_x, scale_y, scale_z)
bmesh.ops.scale(bm, vec=vec, space=m.inverted(), verts=face.verts)

(gritche) #2113

i made a other gear setup test with Profile Parametric and Adaptative edge
not sure i have done it in a optimal way but it work, and i learn new things from sverchok

here is the file https://drive.google.com/open?id=15P-cLIOednEvdZZR3EHK-jAQk8DHKrKc

(gritche) #2114

i was not happy with my last gear setup, tiedous controls and bad topology
so i give it another try…

there’s so much things to learn in sverchok, it’s like a full time job…


(gritche) #2115

i was not happy with my last gear setup, tiedous controls and bad topology
so i give it another try…

there’s so much things to learn in sverchok, it’s like a full time job…

(nikitron) #2116

Gritche, you are right. We made monsta: in some parts.

by the way, great layouts.

(zeffii) #2117

great to see people pushing Sverchok to do what it was designed for :slight_smile:

@gritchie also fellow user @durman has a proposal (and working prototype ) for a XY scaled extrude-separate-faces node. It’s almost ready to commit ( see : https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/pull/1853 )

(gritche) #2118

great news, exactly what i was looking for!
you guys rock, thx for your hard work!

(gritche) #2119

I want to make an offset of a edge and I have a problem with a vertex that do not follow the others
it is base on blendersushi “flower and snake” examples
same probleme with a simple shape like a circle, is it a bug?

here is the file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fNK3wIOdytrQo9KfiHxms8QmSKzUiwnN

(zeffii) #2120

i’ll troubleshoot the question on Github.com instead, out of convenience. https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/issues/1865