[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(nikitron) #2141

merry Xmas!!!
Happy New Year!!!

(kabu) #2142

Trying to do some fantasy design, I’ve come up with the usual ultra-tech instead…

:confused: discouraging

the blend SK_TorusSmoothSubdivide_ScaleBracelet3.zip (216 KB)

anyway, twisting and turning params I think you can get really crazy things with it
Have fun

(nikitron) #2143

(1cromos) #2144

i have a problem with svercock ( while is OK)
becouse there is a error and i cant to istall it
in this screenshot there is the error,
i have linux mint 17 64 bit, blender 2.79

(nikitron) #2145

Rremove both sverchok completely and install from blank

(kabu) #2146

Hello there
I’m trying to get face normal to show up in SK but still no luck.
I’d like to get the same result as “show normals” in edit mode:

I followed examples in the docs here
but I’ve got this:

That’s clearly not what I want. How to do that?
Anyway I’ve got the feeling I’m missing something…

(Ko.) #2147

Try this:

(kabu) #2148

Thank you, that works fine!

(Ko.) #2149

Jimmy celebrate Easter with creating egg in Sverchok:

(nikitron) #2150

999 easter!!!

(kabu) #2151

Happy Easter!

(nikitron) #2152


(Ko.) #2153

Sverchok will now use Mathutils matrix for everything. If somebody have problems with some nodes or scripts because of that change, report here or on github. Or use this release: https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/releases/tag/

(nikitron) #2154

Thanks, Ko. Exactly we now use all Matrices in matric sockets as mathutils.Matrix.
Thank you, Ko. for your efforts.

(Warcos) #2155

wow … a long time without entering here.
excellent work

I will start to update with this fantastic addon


(nikitron) #2156

sun_attempt.blend (807.1 KB)

(Vralsza) #2157

Hiya, is there a way to generate uv maps for generated geometry in sverchok? Of course I realize complicated meshes this might be tricky and probably wouldn’t lovely but for things like glorified cylinders, grids (and meshes created from sweeping curves,etc) seems like it would be do able.

(nikitron) #2158

yes, there is some tricks.

(kabu) #2159

Hello there
I’m using cross sections on an imported model:

I’d like the section to be aligned to the object normals, sort of:

How can I do that? The blend:

untitled3.blend.zip (873.6 KB)

Thank you

(Vralsza) #2160

Excellent, thanks so much @nikitron! As an aside: I really wish the 3D gods had found a longer name for uvs as it makes searching forums/threads for the term very difficult. :wink: