Here is something I’ve been working for some weeks, it was inspired on a concept of @guillerancel wich I really liked and had to do my version in 3D.

Everything was done using Blender 3.2 and hope you like it! Feel free to comment or ask any questions.


Really well done, I like it!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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This is impressive work.
I love all the details and the illustrative feel to it.
The character looks very organic and influenced by the physical world. I know that polygons, very often, are fighting hard not to allow for this kind of result :slight_smile:
Did you sculpt it and retopologize it or create it by box-modeling techniques?


Brilliant :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you for the comment Bartosz!

Since this is a personal project I did every “cheat” possible. I’ve modeled her direct on the pose, shoes and hands I grabbed from another project, they were rigged, and adjusted with the Sculpt. The face was sculpted and I used the Quad Remesher to get a descent topology to paint some colors with Vertex Paint, I think used it in the cat and frog too. I used Multiresolution to sculpt the Jacket wrinkles.

Thanks Bart!

Thank you for describing the process. It turned out fantastic!

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You did a good job giving the illusion of movement. The colors work well together too

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Awesome as always Lucas.

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