BoBA 2022 Voting: Characters

How to vote

  • Pick up to three of your favorite images
  • Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  • To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’
  • Voting ends on midnight, December 30 (Amsterdam).

Congratulations to @lucasfalcao, @M3deiros, @Asdius, @Tell, @Harti, @Md_utsho, @Harti, @Nazar_Noschenko1, @illialoginov, @xi_hu, @George_Siskas, @Total_Legend, @imdjs3d, @Hsaiif, @Xeofrios, @Harti, @joergsla, @TataPasteque, @joergsla, @hailah_h, @Icaro_Carvalho, @AleR3ds, @ShinMinJeong, @Manu.luces, @joergsla, @tomas.kral, @Aneesh, @TySoares, @FelipeDelRio, @ShinMinJeong for being nominated!


Awesome character entries! You guys do incredible work.
(I’m glad this gave me the chance to see that Xenokermit image :star_struck:)


Upon checking the votes, I have removed 27 votes from Sun’s Smile by @Icaro_Carvalho as these were all made by new accounts on the same day, all from the same country. Such rallying of votes isn’t cool, and I’m afraid this pushed this work out of the top 5.

Same for W-R35Cu3 robot walker by @AleR3ds


Yikes :grimacing: it’s still in second for me, by the way

Yes, I can’t edit the polls, but I’m cruncing the data in a spreadsheet.

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Hello, I just read this message, I find it untrue, my friends and acquaintances have voted for me by signing up with their emails and creating their new accounts.
I don’t think it’s fair to accuse me of sabotaging the vote by creating fake accounts and defaming the professional image.

and it is absolutely not true that everyone voted on the same day

I didn’t say anyone created fake accounts - ‘rallying votes’ means getting your friends here to vote for you, and I think that’s not in the spirit of this award. I’m doubly sad because your work was my personal #1 vote.

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I didn’t convince anyone to vote for me, my friends and acquaintances appreciate my work and simply voted for me and knew they could give 3 preferences.

I’ll make sure to explain this better during voting next year, and will also try to exclude new accounts for this reason.

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I am very sad because I have never played certain little games and I don’t need to play them in any case have a good life thanks

but then could only those who were part of blender artist vote ?? if so, this thing has not really happened

If anything is defaming your professional image, it’s you continuing to argue about this after Bart has already explained his decision

Yeah, the idea is that this is an award BY the community, FOR the community. Having new people create an account only to vote for friends (and I’m sure they all intend well), means the votes are no longer cast by the community.


Whaaaaat? I didn’t know it was a closed poll. I even put on my Instagram for votes HAHAHAHAHA.
For me, no problem at all.

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@josephhansen HAHAHA! are you mad, mate?
The other metioned guy is still in the first place (which he deserves, imo), why are you bothered that only me is showing up on the “wrong” place?

@AleR3ds bro, don’t care about that. Your job is amazing, this one is really special.
And there’s nothing around here defaming your professional image, even in the message that @bartv wrote, it was explicit for me, and you’re only mentioned in the end, as an addendum.
(I just have a theory that another “artist” complained about me, and you got shot too… sorry.)

But for me, just being nominated with all those amazing artists is great for me. If isn’t for you, take a print of the poll, you won! hahaha

Seriously, don’t let this affect you and your work.

@bartv I think you should explain better about that in the rules.
And I’m saying this because everytime that I have something cool happening here, I put on my Instagram and tell my friends, 'cause I’m proud of those things.

So, of course, if I’m running for a award that don’t say, even implicit, that’s a closed poll, I’ll share.

I won’t say if this is fair or not, I don’t care. If it was for me, I wouldn’t put myself on the Top 5 too, but I think that you should check if those e-mails are fake or not. Most of my followers are interested in Blender here in Brazil, and never heard about… or don’t, just remove their accounts of the forum.

Cheers and happy new year’s eve!


thank you bro, always learning something new is part of my nature, and trying to do it better and better, I don’t let it influence me, I was sad because my honesty was questioned, but that’s over now. new year new prospects, thank you for your words. happy new year and good life.


in this sentence I am agree with you. Icaro_Carvalho

I am in the same situation as you, but if it be start of revolution to help improve this part of site, then I am happy.

most of artists do this(It is not a strange manner to share your artwork and friends and followers support your artwork.) but some of them questioned and some not, and dear @bartv doesn’t told its a prohibit as it’s not strange behavior.

fair or not, it happens, and my personal reputation doesn’t matter if (I said again) it be the start of revolution that this site improved. josephhansen
because Blender is my home, also Blender Community, Blender Artists, & I like it to improve.and like every blender artist, addon dev, core dev and all other people in Blender and especially @bartv, He has served the blender for many years. He has long story with it, and I have special regards for @bartv. he just tried to make the community better place.

bartv its better to write all rules first and then change the site for example only members can vote (no basic or new users) and who have enough activity recently or anything’s like that.
in that way, you never need to send that’s message to anyone and upset them (fair or not), and also, we have better and beautiful and justly competition.
finally, thanks for all these years, thanks for running this site and make it great.
Best Regards, and Happy new year.


I’ll definitely explain this better the next time - perhaps I can even find a way to let only established members vote, and not newly created ones.

Last year the reverse happened: people complained they saw many votes from new members and felt it wasn’t fair. So we all live and learn :slight_smile: