Fértil - Animated Short Film

After a drought, the rain finally returns, restoring the life of an arid and desertic environment and revealing all its hidden fertility.

Fértil is a contemplative short movie that I began working on in 2020 and that I finally finished!
This project is also my final college graduation project.

Hope you like it!


wow! beautiful! so vibrant!


Very nice, the plants are so yummy and the lizard so cute! The result is very calming and poetic.
The sprouting animation is fascinating, did you use geo nodes for that?

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So, so good. I like everything about it, the landscape, the lizard, the rain, the little succulents (especially that very little one under the rock), the vibrancy, the animation, the pacing, the “cycle of life” – how you brought us back around to the starting pose, except all has changed, the music.

So, so good.

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Aside from this scene’s obvious level of quality asset generation but for me the camera tracking, animation, motion capture and lighting really are standouts so anything less than a high distinction passing mark, to be honest would be quite surprising.

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Great job! :+1:

Very nice. beautiful colors and cute lizard

Cute and cool :+1:

I love it! Congratulations to this masterpiece!

beautiful, love the bright colours.

Other than the elevator-music, this is beyond exceptional, congrats!
Well, OK, to be picky, maybe the typeface of the subtitle doesn’t quite fit together with that of the main title (which I like, especially the idea with the growing branch/leaf on the ‘t’ doubling as the dot on the ‘i’).
But as that’s only part of this ‘promotional’ thumbnail-still anyway, it doesn’t really matter, I guess.

greetings, Kologe

Sorry… i can only like this one time… for the first image alone :+1:, sleeping on the stone :+1:, the plants :+1: and then its ~25/second; more than 2min → roughly 4000 images… and not just moving text at the end credits… →


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Beautiful :).

Really good work on all cinematographic aspects. The colors are amazing! I hope you plan to do a little breakdown, this would be very interesting for artists to learn about your workflows, and would also give you even more visibility.

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How do you go about rendering all of this? I’m really interested in making animations, but I definitely won’t be interested in waiting days to render 2-3 minutes of animation.
Render farms? I’m using those already, but I’m a bit reticent in using them for high quality animations since I don’t really feel like spending hundreds of dollars to render something that will make absolutely $0 and maybe like 100 likes…

A short like a poem and a feast for the senses. Wonderful!

Thank you.

Amazing work. I love the way the weather is pulled off and interacts with the surrounding/environment.

This has got to be one of the best CGI I’ve ever seen.

Brilliant short film, I love every bit of it.