BoBA 2022 Voting: Animation

1 - Birds of prey by Sabrina Langenberger

2 - “Elsewhere” Award Winning Blender Short Rendered in Eevee by Morris Callegari

3 - Infinite Journeys Challenge - Earthly Meal by DSZ arts

4 - Private Beach (Fluid Simulation) by LARK

5 - Fértil - Animated Short Film by FelipeDelRio

6 - Creating a Corvus corone in Blender! by VFX_Grace

7 - Wake Up, Neo… A matrix animation by yamagsumi

8 - You Used To Call Me On My Shell Phone by Sean A

9 - Cyberpeople: Coulomb by wanoco4D

10 - Forest Robot Animation by Taliesin River

11 - Swamp in the forest by keeek

12 - What do Silkies eat? Blender Animation by Mortus4

13 - Cute Mech by Andri V

14 - Short film: “La Vida de una Piñata” by Kai Müri

15 - Åland Islands House - CGI by Artur Szóstakowski

16 - Street Car Charm by Sonja Christoph

17 - Bird house by Adarsh gowda

18 - “I’m a Star” Animation Lighting made with Cycles #animation by Pau Homs i Farré

19 - Lamprey-45, Interstellar searcher by wanoco4D

20 - Jet & Car meet on the Super Airport by wanoco4D

21 - How to make a character when you are an environment artist :slight_smile: by Juliestrator

22 - Appalachian Path by Cov

23 - I made a Podrace with my iPhone + Blender by GregL111

24 - A Goat by VFX_Grace

25 - A postcard from the past: The port of Ancona (Italy) with the Arch of Trajan in the Middle Ages by Bad_Karma

26 - Skating Wolf (Animation Loop) by Jörg Grubmüller

27 - INFINITE JOURNEYS - Fortune Teller’s Caravan by Paul Thureau

28 - Escherville by Danny Behar

29 - Shopping (animation loop) by Jörg Grubmüller

30 - Monster Letters by Marcus Ryéll

How to vote

  • Pick up to three of your favorite images
  • Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  • To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’
  • Voting ends on midnight, December 30 (Amsterdam).

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Congratulations to @Sabrina3D, @mcallegari, @DSZ_arts, @LARK, @FelipeDelRio, @VFX_Grace, @yamagsumi, @Mycelium3D, @wanoco4D, @taliesinriver, @keeek, @Mortus4, @Andri_V, @ninjatoaster, @winterman, @srchristoph, @Adhingowda, @homspau, @wanoco4D, @wanoco4D, @juliestrator, @Covingsworth, @GregL111, @VFX_Grace, @Bad_Karma, @joergsla, @paul.thureau, @Danny_Behar, @joergsla, @Mechano for being nominated!


Mental Note for next year - do not leave the animation category for the last day :sweat_smile:


Especially don’t do that if you also left the VFX category for the last day.


You’re SO right! I dodged a bullet there :grimacing:

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Upon checking the votes, I have removed ‘You Used To Call Me On My Shell Phone’ as a large number of votes were all made by new accounts all created during the last 7 days. The award is intented to be from the community by the community, and people who create new accounts just to help a friend aren’t parts of our community.

The poll won’t reflect this change - I can’t edit the data.