Street Car Charm

Inspired by the beautiful watercolor sketching style of Bin, also known as 90gram on instagram. I wanted to see if I can capture some of that lose watercolor sketch look in 3D and here’s my result. Rendered with Eevee.


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Nicely done. The paint strokes are just going 3D :wink: . For the animation you may thing about some blurring effect around the street car / tram because the sharp edges makes it stand out of the background and destroy the painting effect (not in the stills). And you may have a look at current collectors and the straight way of the cables above it (again for the animation). And the rails usually are subsurfed into the street and not above it… sorry for nitpicking so much. To make those strokes 3D surely was a lot of work. But this shows that animations aren’t just 24 images a second… it’s a alot more… Are you going for more textureing or just tried some projection mapping on the model (because of the the somehow small perspective change in the animation) ? … after looking at this for some time now i almost can hear the warning bell ringing…

Nice work bro. Workflow please

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


I am a simple man, I see a Lisbon tram car I upvote


Same here :laughing:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Beautiful results. Would love to see a tutorial for this.

can you make a short tutorial for it?

So nice!
How did you textured/render this with this fantastic watercolor effect and the black outlines?