BoBA 2022 Voting: Non-Photorealistic Rendering

How to vote

  • Pick up to three of your favorite images
  • Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  • To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’
  • Voting ends on midnight, December 30 (Amsterdam).

Congratulations to @Maurof98, @Masha_bzva, @omar_faruq, @CGFreek, @Blend_hue, @Maurof98, @Xeofrios, @LazloWoodbine, @Shai_Nefer, @MrMelestor, @novarium, @magicwand, @josephhansen, @Draise, @Lewiw, @josephhansen, @aaronfang, @josephhansen, @josephhansen, @Maurof98, @Maurof98, @Blend_hue, @polygonvariable, @Total_Legend, @josephhansen, @PushingFrames, @kynu, @Maurof98, @srchristoph, @Shai_Nefer for being nominated!


Since I’m pursuing the NPR style, this category is truly inspiring for me and I am in awe of all of the amazing works that have been shared. Thank you for the inspiration! I hope to be up there sometime :star_struck:


Thank you so much for hosting these, and for having me nominated! Was so honoured to be a part of such great art and artists!