Åland Islands House - CGI

Åland Islands House - CGI

Stegskärsklubben, Åland Islands

Feel free to comment and ask any questions about the project :slight_smile:
software: blender, Photoshop
addons: E-Cycles, Forestation, Scatter 5


What an awesome render :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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looks awesome. Are those cardboard trees or real trees?

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How did you make the rocks? What method?
The water form the birdviews , the small Waves and difference in the surface of the ocean- looks awesome - how?

Cheers! And well done

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In the video the water looks a lot better than the renders themselves imho.
It looks off scale and plastic-y in the stills tbh.
Also the chromatic aberration is annoying. It’s way too strong and distracting from the main image you want to show.
Adding lens imperfections is fine, but keep it subtle. I feel it’s stil the new lensflare or AO, and used too visibly in a lot of cases.

For me it “distorts” the amount of work you put in there, when the images are already looking great. :wink:

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This looks amazing to me! Well done.

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Love the excellent lighting!

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@BD3D thank you very much!

@Ravi_Vaghasiya Thanks! These are 3D trees from Forestation addon and Scatter

@C_G Thank you! Rocks are from Poliigon but modified a little. Thanks for the comment about water shader. It is a mix of few noise textures blended by vertex paint. Later I will upload here a .blend file with the water shader - maybe it will help someone in future projects :slight_smile:

@RobWu Thank you for feedback! I agree water at the human level images need some polishing but I couldn’t make it better. Its not perfect but still I think it does the trick. As for the distorts, I actually like them and I understand why someone can be distracted by them, but still I think they add more than they are annoying.

@LazloWoodbine @RPaladin Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Great render with great lighting setup.

  1. How you made white waves where water touches rocks (ch_1 and ch_2 image)?
  2. I see there is HDR sky map. Is it the only light source?

And yes, abberattion is too strong as @RobWu mentioned.

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@3dnotguru Thanks!

  1. Made it using the vertex paint and a different, lighter, water shader (mixing it together by the vertex color)
  2. Yes its the only light source in this scene.


If anyone is interested in the water shader of first two shots and animation, here it is:


Basically it is a mix of few different noise textures blender together by vertex paint colors. Water has some additional reflections near horizon thanks to some planes not visible for camera. Hope this helps someone :slight_smile:


Nice!! Will check it out ASAP.

Thanks for Sharing :pray:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you! Have a great one too :slight_smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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do you have a link for forestation addon? When I try to find it, Im not getting anything

https://blendermarket.com/products/forestation ---- its this one

Thanks a lot!

Nice and calm piece of nature :grinning:

Good job :+1:

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Very nice and realistic! :ok_hand: Well done! :+1:

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