Wolf At The Door

I haven’t posted on Blender Artists for a long time, so thought I would share some images from my recently finished Blender 3D project, 'Wolf At The Door’.

I used Blender to produce this visual interpretation of the great siege of Stirling Castle in 1304 - one of a chain of events that began the long campaign for control of Scotland and the Wars of Scottish Independence. With the aid of digital technology, historical advice and a little imagination, I have attempted to reconstruct how the castle might have looked at the time of the assault by King Edward I’s army. Central to his strategy was his mighty war machine, Warwolf, which was a giant trebuchet considered to have been the largest ever built for use in medieval siege warfare.

’Wolf At The Door’ - (Cycles render - 14K)

The project took over 500 hours working on it in my spare time over the course of sixteen months. If anyone is interested, I have posted a little more information about this project on my website at https://bobmarshall.co.uk/portfolio/stirlingcastle1304/ and I also produced a short video with a sequence of fly-through animations of my Blender 3D digital model showing how this was put together.

Wolf At The Door from Bob Marshall on Vimeo.

Completed Blender 3D model before rendering…

Alternative rendering of the siege…


This is amazing. #featurethis !
And maybe we can get some rerderfarm to donate rendering the video in cycles, as I would love to see that.


You did some crazy stuff here !
Nice work :slight_smile:

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Brilliant work :clap:

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Truly superior work, concept & effect - one is as fully “present” at the scene as if one has lived it. If you know Olivier’s films “Richard III” & “Henry V,” you bring your viewer/audience into the given moment of history as convincingly as he did - & you don’t even have full video motion! Impressive; do more.

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Brilliant, indeed. You unite & encourage some tremendous talent & potential here - for what is now a legitimate new art form.
Given international reach, & granted English isn’t everyone’s birth tongue - hopefully we keep grammar, etc. for clarity & precision in sharing thoughts [ …BobM - “his” last post…] . As with Gertrude Stein, “There’s no ‘their’ there.” :wink:


Thank you for the kind comment! Yes, I certainly hope to work on more projects like this in the future although getting the financial support to help me achieve these is extremely challenging - especially when I’m committed to them for such long periods.

Incredible work!

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Amazing, not only in the final work but also in the preproduction and historically correct planing.

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Amazing work. Amount of passion and love is tremendous .

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tell me the characteristics of your computer (ram, graphics cards, processor).
Thank you

Hi. The workstation I used is about four years old and has an overclocked Intel Core i7-6800K 3.40GHz processor. 32 GB system RAM. NVIDIA QuadroFX M5000 graphics 2048 CUDA Cores/8GB RAM. Hope that helps.

Outstanding work. Nice to see some Scottish history getting love. It’s interesting comparing your scene and renders with the scene from the film Outlaw King. I think I prefer yours :slight_smile:

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This such a fantastic job, you live your dream. I tried to do similar projects in my spare time, but never got the motivation to spend much time too it.
Which you could tell more about how you did all the assets, the nature the people etc…

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Thanks. The asset, figures and horses were all created in Blender too. And they’re all fully rigged so I can pose them to create more natural dioramas.


WOW, just WOW.
Did you do the project all by yourself ?

Yes, everything in this project was accomplished entirely by myself. I just had help with some of the historical research, of course.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Holy guacamole, this is incredible!

this is great !!! i love it !!!