Wonder Woman End Title Sequence


(bojo600) #1

For those of you that haven’t watched Wonder Woman yet, be sure to stick around for the credits sequence that I worked on to see some cool Blender modeling work! I did most of the 3D modeling for this sequence and a lot of lighting/texturing/comp on random shots.

Short breakdown here with Watch, City, and Plane models by me!

I did almost everything in this shot:

Blender wires:

God Killer Model (seen at end of sequence):

Article about this sequence

Modeling/texturing in Blender and rendered in Maya V-ray

GPL Discussion
(usernew) #2

Wait. These sequences were done by you for the movie? Or you reproduced them?

(Tonatiuh) #3

I love the movie! and I love the end secuence!!! Great to know that blender was involve!!! congrats! wonderfull art!

(Safetyman) #4

Nice work! I love that Blender is being used more and more in top films.

As a side note, not Blender specific… The music is epic. :yes:

(bojo600) #5

@usernew yes these sequences were done for the movie. Thanks ya’ll!

Here’s a Gal Gadot Likeness Sculpt i did that was used as a silhouette in one of the shots

(usernew) #6

That’s superb! I just have a stupid question: Is it faster and cheaper to make 3D model for these effects instead of simply using photoshop? Can you give me a bit of insight?

(bojo600) #7

@usernew depends on the effect. 3D models are usually more expensive and time consuming than 2D drawings in general but it all depends on the process.

(ManuelGrad) #8

amazing work man! congrats!

(comeinandburn) #9

Thanks for sharing this with us! Great to see that you reached for Blender when you were working on this:)

Have you been using Blender long or have you recently included it in your workflow?

(mcunha98) #10

Amazing work !

(Herbert123) #11

That’s awesome - when I went to watch Wonder Woman, I stuck around for end sequence, and seeing it, I thought “Well, this is actually really, REALLY well done. - One of the better end sequence animations I have seen so far”. I told my wife, who sat in the chair beside me, that I very much enjoyed the end sequence.

Now that I know that Blender was part of that, even better!

Cheers, mate!

(Liquid) #12

I’m very Impressed, this is good for the blender community, I wish this could get some publicity

(txyyss) #13

I never thought Blender was involved in that movie. It is good news!

(alf0) #14

I never liked the wonder woman character not as an animation nor here but the work thy put on the movie was really fantastic ,not to mention the ending scenes ,its a small step for blender but i huge one for its users to find that the softwear was used in one of the great movies in the world ,great work ,

(ChameleonScales) #15

I must say the hype over the fact that Blender was used in this movie seems like a bit of an overreaction to me. It’s certainly very good work but come on, it’s the end credits and Blender has been used for more amazing pictures.

That aside, I’m very eager to see that movie as it seems like a good refresh of the superhero movies and has clearly been acclaimed by the public

I have questions for you bojo600 :

  • for which studio did you work ?
  • did you work remotely or directly in the studio ?
  • did the studio have requirements on the software or did they give you complete freedom ?

(bojo600) #16

@ManualGrad thanks!
@comeinandburn I’ve been using it since 2006, my studio let me use it in my work
@mcunha98 thanks!
@Herbert123 thanks! definitely put a lot of work into it lol
@Liquid same here haha, I don’t know much about how to give it more publicity lol
@txyyss yeah, just modeling though. Blender modeling is pretty robust
@alf0 thanks!
@ChameleonScales I work in the studio, it’s a lot of different software used and one of them was me using Blender. you can find an article about this sequence on http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/wonder-woman/

(cgvirus) #17

Awesome Job. Nice to see Blender in film production.

(pixelgrip) #18

Wow,yes its nice to see that Blender is used in big productions.Well done.

(avizblender) #19

It looks fantastic! :slight_smile:

(Dimitris Chloupis) #20

I did not like the movie (mainly because of the story) but this end sequence is indeed great and it reminds me a lot of some of the James Bond opening sequence which I feel its very fitting for comic book hero movie. Great work mate, keep rocking :slight_smile: