Wondering about what to do with texturing

I’m working on this character, just started doing anything 3D a couple months ago. I’ve taken in a lot of info, the hair systems took me a day to figure out. I like the texturing I did for the character to keep a semi-real still stylized feel. The shirt and Jeans I can’t get to look on par though. I sculpted a few wrinkles that I usually see in stylized stuff. I don’t know if I need more it’s almost in my eyes like the actual texture, I tried to change that with adding like actual cloth ridges from substance painter and that almost made it worse. To me they look kind of clay like. Any suggestions I’m open to, because I’ve been searching for references everywhere trying to find something. I do think the shoes turned out well though. Thank you in advanced, if you have any other questions let me know. The low poly is about 30k face, if that helps.


I like the overall look, maybe just show more of the fibers of the cloths. Nice work.

Thank you, and was wondering if the stitching I should make like bigger even though it’s semi-real in the face, it looked cartoony. Tomorrow I will upload the render with it.

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You may want to try playing with the Sheen value of the Princupled BSDF, if you want to get a softer fabric feel. From what I understand, the Sheen value is supposed to mimick that soft fuzz you’d get around the edges of fabric caused by tiny loose strands and the like. (It’s not perfect, but it does the trick well enough.)

A couple of other tips and things that most beginners seem to be unaware of, and that may help you here:

  1. Don’t change the Specularity. I know you’re going for “semi-realism” rather than realism, but still. Keep Specular at 0.5, then adjust the Roughness. If you have Roughness maps, then all the better; use those instead of a flat value in the Principled shader.

  2. If you’re using the Bump node, keep the Strength at 1 and adjust the Distance value to be the max re-world height of the bump (so for skin imperfections and cloth and tiny detail like that, probably keep the Distance at 0.001 or 0.002.)

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay awesome, yes I will try all that, and yes I started changing the speculators around so I will renormalize that.