WWII radios and some artifacts

here is the BC-348 radio model
used during WWII on airplane like the P-51

there are several version of this radio so I tried to pick the right features
but not easy !

here is a part of the inside

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Looks good, I know its hard, there is a serious lack of reference images and no 2 are alike. Going to texture it?

It looks good Ricky… did they use any glass covering up that meter? Seems like it should maybe have some, but not sure what your reference looks like.

not certain if it had but I suppose
or not to save weight on plane


can u see any glass there ?

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here are some other radios part of the ARC-5 set with some support

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some of the radios aboard plane had to be equipped with a small motor generator set to transform 24 Volts DC to a higher voltage for the big old tubes ( 250 VDC ) so here is a 3D model for such a device call a DM-28

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here is an RF coil for radios

on left is a high res model with curves and on the right a low res UV map model

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here are some old radio tubes
there where like 3 to 5 inches high

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here is the SP-600 radio

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can u see any glass there ?

Looking at your reference link …I would say yes.

Those tubes you made came out real nice.

I did think there was a glass there !
difficult to see it anyway LOL

so here is another instrument

here are some power supply

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here is the R-1155N radio

and the T11541

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and here is one of the first radar display

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Great work RickyBlender. They deserve cleaner renders! (Consider the free RayPump.com service if you don’t want to bog your computer down with rendering)

Re first radio’s glass, yes it did have glass.


From: http://www.armyradio.co.uk/arsc/customer/pages.php?pageurl=/publish/Articles/BC-348/Description_BC-348_Aircraft_Radio.htm

I agree with spaced: good work! Is it a part of your cockpit model?

Nice attention to the details, RickyBlender! Especially post #7 is great. How wonderful this would look in a cleaner render.

well still working for doing the P-51 cockpit
will have it done this week I guess

but some of equipment are for the B-17 / B24 cockpit
I mean not all parts are on the cockpit like the radar PPI that was probably in the back somewhere!

may be I will show cockpits later on this week here

later on I will try to render with higher sample to get better render
but I have some old files that are not rendering well right now
not certain why !
might have to simply copy all ob to a new cycles file and re render!

WWII has a lot of things that are worth modelling!
and it is fun to do with blender and cycles


re work a little the BC-348

added a glass in front of meter but does not show up much!
change letters for emission so easier to read

i did a portion of the top inside of the radio
i did not have enough pics to show all inside details!

also i had a file loss du to a curve bugs reported to blender bug!
but was able to append most objects from loss file!
see post #1 and #3 for new pics

i also redid render of the BC-348 at 200 samples

thanks & happy cycles

here is what I got up to now for the B-24 cockpit

this is the autopilot

fire protection

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here are other panels in B-24 cockpit

I need to find more information for the last panel!

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