Yafray 0.1.0

Yeeha :slight_smile: dibs on first post for yafray 0.1.0… www.yafray.org

Anyone got any pretty pics yet?

I miss some info . for exemple is there any version for ubuntu 32 bit on intel platform?
second once you download and install yafray, do you just need to install the script and you got all the features of the previous patched version or not?

Maybe i miss a clear explanation on yafray.org

Yaf(a)Ray Get

Put on Screen

Some one set us up Buck

Doest Yafaray support multicore processor?

most if not all linux users are building yaf(a)ray themselves, thats why there is not linux 32 builds around, although i think if you contact http://www.graphicall.org guys i’m sure they will help you

yes, yaf(a)ray supports multicore processing

Just a stupid question from a very stupid newbie:

How do I actually start rendering after installing ?

I can’t find a new option under File>Export or under the Render button … :o

Here’s one. Yaf(a)ray 282, I think:-


Low energy lightbulbs.

after I get the build how do I get it working?

Have a look here:-

http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/8373/screenshotun4.th.pnghttp://img115.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif or here http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/1018/screenshot1gc2.th.pnghttp://img512.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif

…and here…




Is instancing supported? can it handle many millions of faces when istances are used?
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I believe it is, and can, yes.

Great news!
Surely going to try this out.

some nice forest test scene with loads of trees will be great!

how to get light pass through transparent object?

yep I’m stuck there too, can’t get my billboard trees going…

well I started this thread, so I better put something up… here’s my puny effort so far, very grainy, billboards are stuffed… but on the upside, they only took about five or six minutes each (and my machine is a single core @ 3.4 GHz with 1GB of ram).


That’s with just one direct light up in the sky pointing down at the site, so it’s pretty impressive. Wanted to try the sun light, but couldn’t get it going (just rendered black). Also, fwiw, with the direct light, infinite distance doesn’t work for me, I had to turn it off and specify a distance before it would render any light.

Needs a bunch of work what with it being so grainy and all, but still, so nice to see stuff like this starting to make its way into blender (without needing 16hrs to render a single frame). If only billboards were sorted… (nudge nudge wink wink…)

The new Yaf(a)Ray script interface seems to be really good and very easy to use. This is a great move forward, and makes Yaf… much easier to use for beginners (e.g. none of that %path% nonsense). Even just the fact that the console gives you a running percentage completed makes it much nicer than the old …# …# … output! I can’t wait for the next release - keep it up Mathias! :smiley:

organic: Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.


Does Yafaray support multicore processor?

Old YafRay show: launch 2 threads, but new doesnot :frowning: