Yep, modeling another car

I started this a bit ago but figured I would just go ahead and post my progress shots up to the point where it is at now. Yeah I know, it is just another car model.

The pics are the process along the way, top being the beginning and the last being the newest.

This was just a quick test rendering.

This as well is a test render before moving on to duplicating and cutting holes into the body for lights and push clip holes/covers


Anything posted from this point will be current to date.

Looks great. I’m impressed at how few polygons you’ve used to capture the shape.

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Thanks, there is more polys to come when details are added but I did try and keep it simplistic to get the main shape before possibly shrinkwrapping some of the flatter/smoother curved body panels.

Started work on the tail lights. Still got to close the gaps on some body panels too.

Started the headlights as well and closed up some of the missed body panel gaps along with cleaning up some pinching at some hard edges on the hood. Found a couple forgotten tri’s that I fixed to quads which helped clean up some ripples in the hood too.

Slight progress, adjusted a few additional gaps and still working on the headlight along with figuring out the best method for getting the honeycomb grill and tail section to properly look decent.

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Got closer to finishing the headlight. Got to get the LED strip look figured out but here is a couple screenshots of the progress on the headlamp details. And @Mark06GT the vert counts are getting higher and higher now. :wink:

Headlight closeup (still have to model the lens for the projector)

After some time away due to family health issues. I have done a little more detail work and fixed some body shape issues and panel gaps. Still got to do the honeycomb mesh better, I made it too large of holes so it looks pretty bad. The rear window/engine cover piece has materials added to it now. Still got to do the turnsignal indicators and redo the side mirrors. For some reason they look huge despite being done to size of the reference image (might just be camera angle) But here are the latest two renders, slightly higher quality as I brought it over to my desktop (up to this point all was done on my laptop) and used a custom blender 2.8 build I am beta testing for someone (render times are fast) If curious about the build I used to do these renders on here is a link.

Just playing around render with my second car model attempt vs. my current level modeling.

Starting on a garage for the vehicles now. Next step will be modeling shelving, tools, the stairs in the back leading up to the office section up top. Then on to texturing.

really impressive mate keep up the awesome work :raised_hands:

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Added in a few more details into the garage. Might get some more work done later, maybe do the electrical conduits and air supply lines.

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Messing around with materials now.

Started on texture details and included some of my past projects into the pictures on the walls. Still got more texturing to do and not to mention some more modeling of wires/hoses/ and maybe an engine stand as well setting next to the lift.
This is only a 300 sample render with filmic no post pro done being it is a test rendering.

Looking for a little input here. Not sure what I should add into the open space towards the front right of the scene. Should I go with that second car model I did a while back and place it at an angle or should I just duplicate the Lambo and change its paint scheme and position it so that more can be seen of it like it is backed in or pulled in for servicing? Or neither and just load that space up with tires and some rims (Which I hate doing cause vert counts get crazy on detailed shapes)

Feel free to suggest anything and any tips or things you spot along my long journey here. As this is one of the bigger projects I have taken on and stuck with ( It is fun and I am having fun with it)

After messing around with camera placements and such I think I might just do this scene as separate camera angle renders. Cause at the moment the car loses all scale and depth and looks tiny despite it not being tiny. So here are a few angles I was thinking about placing the camera. These are just 32 sample quick renders.
This was the initial camera setup but a quick render as well and you can see just how odd the sizes of the car look in comparison to everything else.

But just simple camera angle and placement the car magically becomes better scaled to the scene.




Did another render and fixed some minor details in the body and added the ever so obvious missing windshield wipers as well.

Also Started a little on some interior pieces that will be seen from outside the vehicle through the glass at some angles.

And I have started building another vehicle to stick in the garage. A more daily driver type vehicle. Any guesses as to what it is going to be?

That’s a Bentley since it looks like it.

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