You Know You're a Blender User When...

you’re sitting in the waiting room/classroom/bedroom/anywhere and you think about how you’re going to model everything in the room.

you see a rusty piece of metal and your friends don’t know why you’re excited.

you only make one sandwich because you think you can just duplicate it.

you start pressing ctrl-s in every program you use (in fact you’ve started memorizing keyboard shortcuts in other programs).

you catch yourself staring at other people’s faces wondering how you can capture their likeness.

you’ve considered asking to take stranger’s pictures for reference photos…

I know you guys have some! What other eccentricities do we all share?


This is like the “you know youve played portal too much when…” thread on SPUF. :smiley:

When you always accidentally press keys only native to blender in other programs like GarageBand or iTunes (guilty).

When you model a character in blender and think she’s cute when you done (yes I’m guilty of this. :o And this is the character I made and find cute:

  • when you decide anything that isn’t open source is evil.

-when you see a photo and wonder for a brief second whether they used luxrender or octane…

i think i know i have been on blender too much when i look at my girlfriends face to see where the faceloops are lol

Seeing the topology of everyday objects drawn on their surfaces…

Looking at a lass and thinking how that smooth skin would be really easy to create a texture for instead of actually asking her out…

Staring at the above lass so you can work out the topology of her face/hips/body and realising only later why people think you’re a freak…

“I’m an artist, honest…!”


Oh yeah, and the ultimate:

Being an atheist and wishing you had God’s rendering engine at your fingertips.

Edit2: @TWS Admin:

She would look better if you used strands for her eyebrows too. Also even though you’re going for jet black hair, maybe using more particles with many child particles with some small alpha value would create a better final result. To simulate hair tapering off towards the ends you can apply alpha down the length of the strands so they appear to taper out (more transparency towards the ends than at the roots of the hairs). Also, a bit of SSS (SubSurface Scattering) can add more realism to skin textures in general, especially aroun thin parts of a model such as nostrils, ears and lips. There is a great old tutorial on blendernation that covers this:

Your not talking of my Cobalt character are ya?! The “lass”?

When you wish you had blender for iPod/iPad :smiley:

I wish Blender would use some of the same keyboard shortcuts as regular programs. Then, I might not be hitting “A” when trying to select things on my computer.

How about dreaming about modeling something? I just did that last night, though I don’t remember what I was supposed to model… :no:

Well I could modify the hair but I don’t know how my computer would handle it. as for the eyebrows, This is what happened the last time I used hair particles for them.
SSS was supposed to be used but I mustve turned it off at some point when I rendered it.
And besides I like the cartoony appearance. Hence the reason why I can’t stop looking at her :o .

when I write something down or do something, then I try to hit CTRL-Z!

And when I’m looking at cup and imaging putting in loop cuts to sharpen up the edges.

when I dream sometimes I dream like I’m putting on a blanket and the blanket falls thru me and the floor because I forgot to turn on Collision!

I’m always pressing X in an attempt to delete things in other programs/Windows.

I also always get very frustrated because I think photoshop doesn’t work because x doesn’t delete stuff. Also I constantly try to press s.

When I furiously press G to grab something, only to get frustrated when I realize I’m actually not in blender…

Looking on my desk and thinking, Hmmm? That would make a good scene…

i agree and have actually done pretty much everything said in this thread lol.

Nice interesting post! I do agree with your ideas!

When you find your own characters you made in blender attractive (I might have said this already)

screaming “ive got it” when you work out in your head how to perform a particular task…

Thinking that Andrew Price is indeed god?

Some may start thinking that Right click select is a valid default for software.

Hehehehe…you know that has happened to me.

Hitting CTRL-W in windows program. Whoops that closes the window!!!

When you dream you are modeling something.