Your favorite Linux distro and Why?

Same same, I suggest Gnome Tweaks, Pop-dark application theme and shell, the Papirus-Dark icon set and the Dash to Dock extension. Matches Blender nicely, but since my default view is full-screen is neither here nor there. I tried the tiling window extension, not using as it doesn’t really suit my casual style of working, although I can see the appeal to a keyboard/hotkey junky…

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On every computer I own is a Linux Mint (with Mate).
I tested many distro’s, did a little distro hopping for a year and the 2 that stuck out where Mint and CentOS. The latter had some problems back then but also the most compatible and most stable release.
I kicked it from my Desktop because it became a hassle to keep in shape. I always wanted to test a newer version, but I am to lazy right now, and honestly since i switched my Windows 7 to an Windows 10 Enterprise, I am surprised how well that runs (not 1 single problem in over a year). So i tend to stick to WIN on my desktop currently, but on my Laptop its Linux all the way.

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I got into making an app for phone with android Studio and from long time using Apple now some into using Ubuntu. Kinda silly little thing but I like the quick copy paste in Linux. If I could ever afford I would try RedHat and a computer them call , well makers of the computer “supercomputer”, but if one looks at the specs it would maybe be better to go with Alienware station with AMD’s threadripper(taking price as one factor). Wouldnt have anything to special to make but threadripper containing stations, correct linux distro (perhaps centoOS) and Houdini 3D would be enjoyable fun , not that Blender isnt one of the best.

Yeah! The X230 is just awesome isn’t it? I only wish there were an easier way to mod a 1080p screen into it without being an electronics engineer and knowing how to negotiate Chinese websites for parts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Running Manjaro on my X230, and love it. As soon as I upgrade to enough storage on my desktop to dual-boot, I’m planning on bare-metal installing it there too, mainly because it’s cutting-edge-yet-stable and I’d likely get performance gains in stuff like Blender and Godot. :slight_smile:

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My vote is for OpenSuse, I once had a non linux compatible TV card (Hauppauge) and the only distro I managed to get it to work in was OpenSuse, at least I learnt how to compile – the hard way!
I am an Xfce fan, I hate Gnome and kyde with all those desktop effects and tablet like buttons!
I really think that in most cases the distro is irrelevant, it all depends on what you put in them (and take out!).
As long as Blender works I am happy :slight_smile:

I now use Manjaro Cinnamon build cool interface with windows shortcuts able to have nvidia cuda with an ofline installl just choose the nonfree driver option when installing, I used to use Windows 8.1pro which was ok but if the CPU was under heavyload I couldn’t do anything else with the PC, When the Cpu is under heavy load on Manjaro IE: playing around with lux core and the CPU’s at 100% I can still watch a movie browse folders etc etc I also manged to run 5 4K 60fps videos at once during one of my other tests (VLC Media PLayer) (Nvidia RTX2070 no rendering just the vids). My CPU is Still the Hardworking AMD FX8350

windows would act like it was frozen

Bit of a learning curve when having used Windows for ages, (gave mint a try ages ago getting cuda to work was a mission back then but its piss easy now if you have a net connection)

I like Manjaro the best Thanks to everyone that made it you done a great job, Getting ownership
of your drives can be confusing but got it all sorted in the end,

Also tried out Windows 10, far out is that a piece of total spy ware crap or what…

Windows 10 = I will tell you how to use and when you can use your computer

Latest Linux builds = Hello what would you like your PC to do today

so if your favourite software works on Linux give it a go …

To make a shortcut in Linux click and drag while holding Ctrl + Shift keys

Also if you are using Manjaro Cinnamon go to the system settings windows panel behaviour tab
and change the Special Key to move and resize windows to Super so you don’t get a selection
conflict when using The Alt key in Blender.
ie when selecting edge loops it won’t work and you will be going wtf…


Here is a link to some real Helpful install tips for Davinci Resolve By Matt Jones

Method 2 worked best for me



awesome, man!