Your favourite Zelda game of all time??

With all the buzz in the Zelda community now that Skyward Sword has been revealed I thought it would be interesting to see which game in the series is most popular here at BA.

For me its Majora’s Mask. Simply, its epic like Ocarina of Time, just more perfected - a masterpiece, one of the greatest games ever created (closely followed by Ocarina of Time)
I spent my whole childhood playing this game so theres some strong memories associated with it. I found this article recently which sums up a lot of what Ive felt towards Majora’s mask.

Thats just my opinion though, Id like to hear others, so vote on the poll and leave a reason below :slight_smile:
General/random Zelda chat would be best kept in the Zelda discussion thread though :cool:

Edit Sorry for the long poll, couldnt really discount any of the games for fairness, and also note I havent included Skyward Sword because really no ones played it yet (tech demo at E3 doesnt count)

I would really feel unrespectful to vote only for one of my two tie favorite games. I can’t say I prefer Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess. :smiley:
They are so amazing! The graphics and the emotions in both are very nice and I like the use of many tools - especially the hookshot/longshot/clawshot - in 3D.
About the graphics, I find the OoT ones very clever : most of their success comes from the textures. And in TP, well, it was the more realistic Zelda game ever, right?

The ways to play in both games were very diversified and we can do lots of things in both. Especially that we can stop the main quest and go do something else at almost any time.
(Well, of course The Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks offer that too… But I didn’t finish WindWaker yet so…)

If Skyward Sword is even better, I’ll really be happy of my purchase.

I didn’t yet play too many games myself (watched a lot of LPs, though^^), so I limited my personal favourite to what I played myself. From what I’ve seen in the LPs, it probably would have been a different game.

The poll is public. Public polls are odd.

I loved twilight princess, because it was dark and badass, I think it was also the first Teen zelda game? But it was amazing, all the odds where stacked on top of you, and you seemed so hopeless in the beginning, and this is where you know Ganon/Ganondorf is so much more powerful than you, and Link needs to get all the help he can get, from Zelda, his horse and the Gods. At the end, the final battle, it was totally epic, the music and the mood, even though it was kind of easy, it was epic as hell.

Everything in the game made you feel strong, the music, the mood, the graphics, the enemies, the bosses, everything made you feel like your the last hope and kind of motivates you. Plus, you turn into a freaking wolf!

My second favorite would be Ocarina of time, for the some of the reasons above and 3rd would be Majora’s mask. :slight_smile:

I played AlttP back then as well as OoT (my fav) on launch time. So I was truly excited about TP and bought a Wii basically for this and Metroid Prime Trilogy. meh, what a boring, boring game… still gotta get halfway through it, but it’s tough to move along…

at least the Wii is finally getting some heavyweights this year…

Wind Waker is my personal favorite.

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Oot is my favorite, it was the first video game we ever bought, and I played it endlessly, it has really stuck with me through the years and I still love to go back and play it, Gannondorf is at least a challenge in that game, TP was fun at first, but I always feel like it fell apart at the end, still a good game. So after Oot, probably Majoras mask or Windwaker, I really liked Windwaker because it had a fun easy going feeling to it that wasn’t to much to call it cheesy, but not to dark and dull like TP, but TP is probably in forth. Now that I’ve played the old 64 ones so much I like to go back and play around with glitches, lots of fun there, like running around as Feirce Deity Link in Terminia.

Ocarina… For life! :yes:

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ouch, this is a tough one… basically, I have 2 games tied in first (WW/TP), plus another two tied in very close second (OoT/MM)

hmm… i guess I’d have to go with TP - for basically to same reasons as Linkxgl :slight_smile: but if I could, i’d vote for all four games.

edit - oh, and Spirit Tracks was simply amazing. the music, and the train, just made it feel so…epic. no other word for it.

Wind Waker

The handhelds game are just…missing something. To me anyways. I prefer console games. And OoT HAS to be first, I mean its a classic

Majora Mask is way darker (if you don’t complete the game in 3 days, the moon will crash on the earth and everyone will die :evilgrin:). I voted for MM, cuz it’s the most original and fun Zelda game, although you have to get used to the time and save system.

Second favorite is A Link To The Past, because it’s the best 2D Zelda evar :stuck_out_tongue:

If they remake OoT on the 3DS, maybe they’ll do so too for MM? That would be cool :smiley:

yeah! MM is one of the best, tied in close second along with OoT in my list. close second

and I agree with Doggie_B, ALttP is maybe the best 2D game I’ve played. Minish Cap is really cool, and fun, and had lots of cool ideas like the Kinstones (it’s my 2nd favorite 2D, i think), but ALttP has something…special. like OoT or MM, the classics are…well, classics :smiley:

btw, I played ALttP on the GBA, not the SNES - never played on an SNES

ALttP is special, but to say it’s the best 2D game ever, you should really have played the Oracles before. Really. :slight_smile:

Oh, well, it seems it is not a kinda discussion topic in here. Let’s cut that there, I think we are not supposed to post more than one time…

Interesting distrubution so far, I wasnt expecting ALttP to be so popular, havent even played that one much yet so maybe I should :slight_smile:

Ah its all good, some discussion will help keep this thread alive. We’re at 20 votes so far, if it got to 40 or something then it would be interesting to see if the results have changed.

And maybe I should have made it a multiple vote poll :stuck_out_tongue:

That would make my year.

interesting variation of that expression :slight_smile:

hmm, too bad we can’t vote for more than one thing…'cause to single out one game is kinda…unrealistic. for example, I absolutely loved Spirit Tracks - I mean, you’re on a train, with awesome music, a cannon, multiple speed controls, strategy when trying to get from one place to the other (which, i have to say, was lacking in Phantom), and, best of all, a train whistle! i mean, who hasn’t just pulled that rope in the corner of the touch-screen for absolutely no reason except to hear the awesomeness? :smiley:

hahaha, ok, i’ll calm down now :stuck_out_tongue:

um…have you played Spirit Tracks, AD-Edge?

Na not yet, my gf has a DS and I got her Phantom Hourglass, she wants Spirit Tracks as well, but I havent even played much Phantom Hourglass yet.

When I get a 3DS i plan to get both of them. :slight_smile:

Minish cap wins it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see who has the most Zelda games? I have all except for oracle of seasons (never heard of that?) and the twilight princess. Can anyone top that? I doubt it ^^

You should really try Four Swords for the Gamecube, it’s my second favorite 2D Zelda, because it’s so much fun to play with three other friends!

BTW, check this Chinese ALTTP commercial, it made me laugh for a few minutes :smiley:

Your poll is missing Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. :evilgrin:

I voted for Link’s Awakening as it’s the only Zelda game I have at the moment.