YoutTube HD how to ???


I was looking into YouTube HD and I am shooting for 1280HD and not 720HD.

I followed those settings:

1280 x 720
30 frames

But it looks YouTube always converts my movies down the resolution significantly.

Here is a link of a movie which is also crystal clear in full screen on my 1920x1200 screen.

I am using screenflick for OS X to screencapture and compress the movie.

Any tips?

theres a button below the video that says watch in HD
It works. As well as Youtube handling the option.
I just post in mp4 h.264 seems to work.
Used visual hub

I know that HD button - but that does not do the trick.

Somewhat 90 of my movies I uplaod are being failed when converted
and only one time was I now able to actually watch it in HD FULLSCREEN crystal clear with 1280x720 pixels.

The other movies were not really HD - they were scaled up and thus do I think youtube has scaled down the resolution while converting.

I’ve been having trouble with YouTube HD with videos I create in Blender. Basically, I can upload videos at 1280x720 and they play back at that resolution; however, the playback is very jerky and the loading circle pops up constantly. I’ve been looking for a solution to the problem, but I haven’t been able to find one. I know the problem isn’t related to my computers speed or connection speed since I’m able to playback other YouTube HD videos without problem and it still happens when I wait for the video to fully load. I’ve tried the settings on the page you point out in the past, but it still happens.

Below is one of the videos I uploaded and having trouble with.

I’ll be interested to see what people have to say in this thread. The YouTube HD service seems to be a lot better then other services.

Wow at least you were able to uplaod them in HD.
It runs fine here but yes I also see the load wheel spinning non stop.

But boy the details are fine.

Looks like YouTube has major issues with their service.

now I got a 1920x1080 video running online in HD.


YouTube seems to have major issues.

I wish they would post common settings which than also WORK!

did you try h.264 mp4?

h.246 and mp4 ha? you cannot combine both.
Or did you mean mp3?

what is visual hub? I am using screenflick as a screen recording software.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as 1280HD. If the resolution is 1280x720, and your source is progressive, that would be 720p. The next jump up would be 1920x1080, or 1080p. I see you had luck with 1920x1080, but if you wanted HD and wanted to save bandwidth, 1280x720 is still considered HD. Best of luck!

duh I dont know what A) I am doing wrong, vimeo works - no just works, and YouTube is picky which one of my movies it puts in as HD.

Is that a random selection they have???

I dont get it.

I think youngbatcat is referring to the MPEG-4 spec, one file type of which is the .mp4 container which can be encoded using the h.264 compression scheme. Excellent quality-to-size ratio and is well supported by video hosts.

As to “visual hub”, did he mean VirtualDub?

Another one to check out to help with conversions would be MPEG-Streamclip. Good app.

Visualhub is a mac application to convert video to various formats. Virtual dub can do the same for windows.


ok I tried the MP4 with h.264 encoding but this time .

Oh I see one worked now and has the HD option added.

5000 kb/sec
Highest Quality

YouTube seems to be very very picky about video settings.


There may be a minimum video bitrate before youtube will accept it as a high def video.


How do you export mp4 with h264 from blender??? Or should i first export it from blender in some other format and then convert it to mp4 h264 with Mpeg Streamclip??? If the last case, what format should i export form blender???


I actually cannot export into MP4 with h264 from Blender or Screenflicker.
I export the movie uncompressed and than open the clip and QuickTimePro and export it there.

I gave Mpeg Streamclip a test and uploaded a mp4 file.
The file is being processed currently - but I hope/assume that it will work.

Nope did not work:
5000 kb/sec
Highest Quality

This setting works with QuickTimePro exporter only - I dont get it …
Youtube is messed up - Google …

Check this out:

Mh so they say that some will not work some dont.

Well there must be somewhat a difference between the different encoding programs
because with same settings I get different results with YouTube.

QuickTimePro works fine for encoding.

Ok I found a setting with Screenflicker

mov - h.264 encoding
Highest Quality

NO Key Frames
NO Bitrate settings

It seems that as much as you touch a movie the more YouTube will screw it up.
Raw stuff seems to be best to be transferred into HD.

One suggestion might be to use instead of YouTube. Higher Quality, more open sourcey, provide links to the original video files, and easier subscription in Miro and similar video aggregators. Overall a much better experience.