Zaloopok "Shrink & Grow Edge Loops & Rings Selection" add-on


after making this thread in RCS for implementing “Shrink & Grow Edge Loops & Rings Selection”
someone told me there was already an add-on for this in 2015
it was called “zaloopok”
and it gave blender thoses abilities :

someone know whats up with the status of this add-on ? maybe the dev is famous here ? is it a dead add-on ?
if it is i want to shine a light on his work, maybe someone will want to update it for 2.8


This is a good addon. But the name must be changed. Because it is a disguised obscene word, from russian language :slight_smile:

Zaloopok is kinda of ‘penis head’… lol :smiley:

You found this kind of functions also in KTools:


The name is funny :joy:, i understand russian.Script makes a good job. I got it to work in 2.8, just changed 2.79 to (2, 80, 0) in script file. It works, but shows some errors in console. Would be nice if someone who can code would make clean port.


thanks cool add-on, not grow edge rong tho


It would be possible to make a script that use of operators like select “edge rings”, “edge loops” and “checker deselect”, all of them (un)checkable from the F6 menu, with the addition of a quantity bar for this shrink/grow selection addon? Peraphs even adding the ‘select sharp edges’ operator.
We could name it “Edge Final Selector”.

(-Note: if ‘checker delesect’ and ‘edge loops’ are both checked, the former one must run before the latter to avoid funky selection behaviour)

how amazing is that ! thanks a lot for updating this addon !


TitusLVR, Thank you!

BD3D, for me the addon works with errors

  1. if Shrink the selection to the last element, and press Shrink again, the last element will remain selected, but this element cannot be Grow.
  2. Shrink Ring removes selection unevenly, removes the selection not only from border but also from the center of the selected


I noticed the same issue as #1 that you commented. #2 hasn’t happened to me yet.

All in all though this is a terrific addon so thank you Titus for porting it! (I swear, like half of my installed add-ons are ones you’ve made or touched, lol)

yes if we schrink too much we loose the selection
but same thing with the regular shrink/grow selection tho

anyone know if its possible to make the face align tool work with multi edit mode ? and not only within meh islands ?

check it has align object to face (but it’s still in work in progress, we are working on improvements)

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This also occurs for me, it happens when you grow and shrink afterwards. The addon doesn’t seem to cycle though continuous shrink/grow operations for rings well. It would be really cool if someone could fix this as it is one of those key features missing in Blender compared to 3ds Max.

@TitusLVR I noticed the same erroneous behaviour in iOPS, so I presume you’ve used the same code there as well.

E: Here’s a gif to show the bug, if you shrink a ring, it happens unevenly and when shrunk down to the original edge, you cannot expand it.

Additionally, shrinking loops causes it to drop edges along a loop.


@TitusLVR checking back on this thread to see whether you’ve been able to identify what causes the bugs. Would you like me to open an issue on Github for this?

Yep, will try to check it.

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Hi, I filed two issues on the Zaloopok Github page, in the hopes of finding someone to fix the bug for shrinking edge loops and for a feature request to allow customising the panel’s name for the N-panel within the addon’s preferences.

I’ve made

  • change to allow working operator on multiple objects
  • deselect active edge
  • added options for panels


No success on shrinking loops issue.

I’ve just checked and it was also in 2.79 version.

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Nice, Thank you very much!

When I tested Loopanar, the addon Zaloopok is supposedly based on, the bug already appears to be present there.
Maybe there’s something useful within the latest Machinetools for selections that could be employed one way or another?

E: Or maybe this one?