Zen UV for Blender


Yes, UV Packer can be added, but it’s not on the priority list right now.


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Zen UV - updated to 2.2!


Added UV Packmaster 3 support.


@SergeyTyapkin why does stack button not always stack slightly different islands,

but adding them to stack group with stacking works?

You already answered your own question. =)
To stack different (slightly or completely) islands use Manual Stacks.

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so first red button only for the same ones? actually it will be cool to have possibility to stack slightly different uvs with one click…(like in headus stack same or similar…)

I love the ui button that opens and closed the left panel to reveal and hide the uv editor.

Is there anyway you could make an addon that does this for the bottom and right of the viewport that can reveal and hide ie the shader panel. I don’t like having to drag viewport panels to reveal then find a little corner to close them. The button method reminds me of modo’s ui and is fast and really convenient.
Having the ability to customise what is revealed when clicking a certain button would be amazing. I use floating windows to open certain custom windows to access different panels in blender ie node editor, geo nodes, shaders etc etc but just with the convenience zenuv brings to just click the button, reveal the uv editor, do my thing, then hit the button again is so convenient and could really aid in productivity if you could do that with other oparts of the ui. hopefully that all makes sense.

Edit - Found A way to add a button to the UI using PME.


PS You could Call it Zen UI :wink:

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Is there a way you could add ‘unwrap from face sets’ or ‘Mark Seams Face Set Border’ ?