Zombie RTS

We are now a solid team consisting of few artists and programmers. As of now we are primarily looking for:
-Texture artists
-3d artists that are willing to do low-poly environmental work (cars, street lights, trashcans, street signs, etc)
But we are open to all experienced artists and programmers who are interested!

A zombie outbreak quickly becomes out of hand in a large city (We’ll just make one up) and the government has called upon the military to dispose of the infected. As commander, you will set the build locations of your buildings, train your troops, and command them where to go and what to do (As any RTS, ex: Starcraft). The goal of the game is to find survivors in the pinpointed locations on your minimap, using your military force to vanquish all infected! If attacked by zombies, your marines will not die but become zombies themselves!

Just let me know if you’re interested! It is an educational project and I’m open for suggestions!:slight_smile:

The Team:
Game Director/character and environment/animator: blubernuget
AI programming: skykooler
Sound effects/music:Wolf989
Texture artist: loughlin arts
Environment modeler: CsotoFX and Goh


I could help with the AI for the zombies and the troops.

That would be great! Do you have Skype or Window Messenger?

Neither on this computer, but you can PM me.

Not on this computer, but you can PM me.

Some new game models. Still looking for new team members!


I’ll help, although i too am working on an FPS zombie game, so i am limited

Great! now you have two zombie games on your plate:) What would you be able to help with?

A few buildings:


I could help a bit.

I am an expirenced coder, and pretty good with 3d and texturing.

Nice! I would love to have you as apart of the team if your interested. What I really want primarily in programming apart from the AI skykooler is working on is:
*Point and click RTS-style commands.
*Player and enemy health, based on %.
*A build feature, that allows workers to build in-game.
*The ability to spawn units from those buildings over a span of time, using in-game currency or recources.

Work on whatever you are most interested in. This is a volunteer project, but I would like to work at a steady pace if possible!

Great, I can’t wait to see the build feature in action!

The style of the game is somewhat realistic, but pretty low poly. I plan on having massive groups of zombies so he poly count has to stay relatively low. My buildings are only ranging between 8-25 verts, and the average citizen/zombie is 228 verts. A fog system, or ‘unexplored map’ feature would be nice to keep the lag down.

New buildings:


Your building looks up to par, and the same style as what I’ve been doing.
I took a look at your previous game projects and I’m impressed! Welcome to the team:]

Finished up another building type:

I also did the citizen animations for running, walking, standing, and taking cover.

I quickly modeled a new building and both buildings in a scene with some cool lighting.

If these models are too expensive, I can lower the poly count.

Another thing I thought I would add, maybe instead of huge amounts of zombies at the same time, and everything low poly as a result, I could setup a hierarchy spawn system to keep the overhead low. That way there would only be about 10-20 enemies at the same time, but they would spawn when good guys are near, so it would seam like the whole city is zombie infested.

That would also allow us to have more detail in the environments, and characters.

Also (and sorry if I am trying to put my ideas in this game :o) we could tone it down a bit, rather than commander, we could make it more squad based. Maybe 3 or 4 squads at the same time. You would still have to train them at “command centers” that you build. That would also allow us to add in more detail.

Keep in mind these are only sujestions. Feel no way obligated to use them. :slight_smile:


My last update for the night, and its a big one.

I finished the builder code, the point and click code, added health based on difficulty level, and the spawning units from the built buildings will be easy enough. The code is also flexible enough to add on details. For instance, if you want people to build the buildings, or for them to be created instantly.

However the code is not completely finished. I will need the other elements (AI, unit models, etc) to finished it.

So maybe an updated list on things for me too do, also I think I will code the hierarchy spawn system, because we will need that regardless of the rout we take.

I might not be as active the next few days.

Good to know ur working hard on the project:) I’m always open to new ideas to make the game better. Here’s what I had planned though:
*when a citizen is attacked by a zombie, the citizen will rise from death 10 seconds later as a zombie.
*at the beginning of each level, there will be few zombies on the map, but a massive population of citizens. As time passes, more citizens will be attacked and infected.
*the objective is to save as many citizens as possible, while exterminating all infected.
*you will receive credits for every citizen brought to the safe zone (which will be a helecopter pad that is in your base). Credits are used to build new military buildings and units.
*you do not receive any credits for killing zombies, but all infected must die to complete the objective.
*zombies are able to destroy player buildings, and in effect, end the game if all structures are destroyed.

This i can work on, i already have an RTS point to move, know how to work in health etc, and i can easly work on building i think.
Send me any blend files, tell me where and what to implement, and also the style + story of the game.

Darn. I was looking forward to all that.
Anything else i can help with?
code is my forte.

@agoose77: haha sorry bout that, if you want I could send you the files, because as I said, I will be considerably less active over the next few days.

@agoose77: There are plenty of program-involved things we need finished, and your welcome to join the team! You can do any of the things listed above, but it would be really nice to get the zombie infection implemented. When a citizen dies, they will lay on the ground for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the dead citizen needs to become a zombie. This is a big feature of the game and needs to be well done, so I hope your up for it!

If not, there are many other things you could do. We need a program that makes unexplored land black on the map, unit and zombie health, attacks for both long-ranged military and short range zombie attacks. A mini map would be great.

I had no idea there were so many experienced programmers on the forums!