3D-Coat Applink for Blender 2.8

(haikalle) #1


I have been updating the applink code to work in blender 2.8. Here is a short video. If you want to beta test this let me know about it.


(carlosan) #2


Hi! Just two seconds ago I updated the applink script into blender2.8 branch. So next blender 2.8 build that is put into https://builder.blender.org/download should be much more stable than versions before. I made i quick tutorial video how to use. Still in beta thou :slight_smile:


(haikalle) #3

Made update for 3D-Coat applink.

  • Node group is made for applink nodes to keep node trees clean
  • Support multi materials per object.


(dimitribastos) #4

Nice update. But can I ask something? I think it would be better if the 3D-Coat Applink were on the N panel, not the T panel.


(haikalle) #5

Makes perfect senses. I updated the script. Thanks for pointing out this change Dimitri :slight_smile:

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(dimitribastos) #6

Amazing! Great support! :slight_smile:


(dimitribastos) #7

Unfortunatelly, can’t get the add-on to work. I create anything inside Blender, then transfer to 3DC (swapping Y and Z makes the mesh to rotate 90 degrees). I paint anything and then click on Open in the original App. Back to Blender,I select the mesh, hit Update but nothing happens. :frowning:


(haikalle) #8

Did you remember to check “treat materials as separate textures” in import window. That could be one solution, if that dosen’t fix your problem try to see if there is any errors in console when pressing update.

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(haikalle) #9

By the way, you don’t need to select any objects when pressing update. Only need to select objects when pressing transfer.

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(dimitribastos) #10

I guess I made it work. Just need to save the 3DCoat file. :slight_smile:
I have one more question though: is it necessary to swap Y and Z? It’s weird to have to paint my models rotated.


(haikalle) #11

Iittle bit odd that saving 3DCoat made it work, but glad it working now.
There is no need to swap Y and Z. applink will take this care for you.

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(Grady Lewis Sain) #12

What is the workflow when we start with a sculpture (retopologized and UV mapped) in 3dCoat, and we wish to transfer that painted model to Blender 2.8, automatically creating a principled shader node network?

I want to create a complete PBR textured model in 3dCoat, then open it in Blender 2.8, having my PBR layers from 3dCoat become a principled shader network in Blender automatically on import. Is it possible to do this with the 3D-Coat - Blender applink?


(dimitribastos) #13

I had another “issue”. Is the addon/workflow suited to work with auto mapping settings? Because with auto mapping enabled on 3DCoat, when I update the mesh on Blender, the textures doesn’t know how to fit the model and it’s all broken. This doesn’t happen when I create the mapping with Blender and use the Keep UV option, so everything goes fine.

Any thoughs?


(haikalle) #14

Did you turn “Update Mesh/UV” On in 3d-Coat applink settings panel. As a default setting applink only bring textures, but checking this option update mesh/uv too.

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(haikalle) #15

I prepare a sort video about how to make it very soon. There is small bug needs to be solved first.

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(dimitribastos) #16

Amazing! It worked with this option. Thank you! But, any reason why this isn’t on by default?


(haikalle) #17

Right now if this setting is on, it will remove all (vertex color maps, vertex groups, shape keys) maps when pressing update, so I think that this should be disabled by default and turn on only if users really want to update mesh. This was turned on as a default in the first version but I then disabled it. But I’m open with discussion with this…


(dimitribastos) #18

Makes sense. Maybe an option showing what will happen (or will not) with the transfer and update buttons in this case?

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(haikalle) #19

It sounds good idea. My goal is that applink would not delete any maps but I think for now I will apply “are you sure window” in those situations where applink detects for example vertex map that is going to be deleted.

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(dimitribastos) #20

Yes, it looks cool. Right now, the user doesn’t know what you happen on this workflow, so a prompt warning or an option to choose what to do within the transfer/update workflow would be nice.

I have one more suggestion. It would be possible to add a color ramp node to the node group? I find it easier to manage the blacks and whites trough the ramp slider than the curves. You don’t need to cut the curves, maybe just adding the color ramp as well?

I can’t thank you enough. I would kindly pay for your efforts. Do you have pay pal?