79 and still in that learning curve


The youngest daughter bought the old man a faster computer and what a difference in the enjoyment of Blender. Especially with animation in mind. Who knows with my new ‘Bobbi Machine’ I might actually finish this little project. Instead of boring my Blender friends to tears.

Blender and the community has meant a lot to me in the so called twilight years. And, I wish each and everyone of you the finest New Year ever.


Looks interesting. Is it supposed to be like a museum or something? Kinda getting that vibe from it.

Actually it’s a art gallery but the filthy rich bastard built it big enough to be mistaken for a museum, guy. But, what the hell the Gilded Age is here again.

I like the blender art in behind the desk!

@cadael, that is if memory serves me version 2.48 from 2008. Actually, come to think of it older then that I believe. Two of the other three pieces were done by a beloved Blender Head called Vicky72. She gave me permission to use her work and there will be many pieces of hers throughout the place. Along with other Blender artist, my work, ads from The Fifties, photographs, and some oil pieces by a well known fine artist. Maybe enough to make it interesting as you take the tour.

‘Bobbi Machine III’ Damn that wall has to be baked again. That is just to damn dirty.

Looking good oldghost.

And a happy new year to you.

You sir, are an inspiration!

@Ryeath, thank you. I like your deviantart page and I’m reasonably sure you know VickyM72 then.

@cgstrive, God bless you. To hear the old gal friend talk I have no redeeming values. Be rest assured your kind comment is on the way to her machine even as we speak. : ) Damn the animation on your site simply blew me away. I mean it almost knocked me off the chair as did your other work. Talking about inspiration it’s back to the drawing board for me. Once again thank you all.

Good to see you working on this fine project, Ghost. The color and clarity of the images makes them really outstanding and pop. And they have a unique style. I wonder what new exhibit would be in the box beneath the desk in the first image :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=theoldghost;3137407]@Ryeath, thank you. I like your deviantart page and I’m reasonably sure you know VickyM72 then.


I only know VickyM72 through the site here. Her work has provided much inspiration to me and hundreds more here. If I am not mistaken that is her lo-poly island render in the first picture. I wish she would drop a note to someone here to let us all know she is ok.

@minoribus, thanks guy. Even through I’m enjoying some speed finally I’m still baking diffuse surfaces (walls, etc.) I’m sure that is part of the overall look.

@Ryeath, you have a good eye. That is indeed her lo-poly island render. And, the piece on the left has her ‘Signature’ if you look closely. You and me both brother. I even attempted a free Google search once and ran across a forty something redhead on a Harley in Atlanta which caused me to pause. I did know her last name at one time.

The last time we exchanged PMs she was hacking together a system with a old Windows 7 machine I believe. The best I could determine ‘Old Betsy’ was a Vista Intel duo with integrated graphics which makes her work even more impressive. Oh, well maybe one day.

Still at in spite of a loved one having a serious setback. Actually, trying to stay busy in spite of that I guess. And, it dawned on me minoribus was nowhere in my little gallery.

For those not familiar with minoribus he is a German part time Blender artist who has taken on animation projects The Blender Institute would find ambitious. And, recently has revisited a love of photography. So with his permission he now hangs out with Vicky, myself, and Speed7 on the walls.

Those renders are cool but it still feels like ceiling is odd.

The latest renders of the gallery look a lot better than the earlier ones, though I hope you asked for permission before using the work of others in the form of textures.

Maybe I didn’t state my intent very clearly here at the beginning of this thread. This place was designed and modeled to feature not only my work and family but also other Blender artist and indeed Blender itself. While also suggesting another time in America since I was born in 1938. Hence the posters from The Fifties. And, also ongoing comments on my life over the years hence the photograph of that giant crane at Newport News Ship where I hired on in 1961 and became a shipbuilder.

Maybe a overreach on my part. And, when the camera starts moving I have a story line in mind which while not ongoing will become evident at the end. Or, at least I hope so. But, actually I hope the final effort will be something my daughters will pull up again when my age and say with a smile: ‘My old man was kind’ a clever.’

Now yeah to include many family pictures and not bore an average viewer to tears is going to be a challenge. I hope to do that with size and timing right now.

j1g4r I tried a white ceiling for a modern look but given the depth of the place it simply never looked right to me. This type of ceiling is plausible in the Southern States of America and the West. And, while it’s baked and might not look exactly right is plausible nevertheless. But, I will take your comment under advisement and thanks. I don’t hesitate to bake again since Cycles baking is outstanding IMHO.

And, Ace my man what are you talking about from out there in Kansas. There is nothing from Blend Swap in the place. And, like anyone attempting animation I use open license image textures and make maps in Gimp if necessary. Now for the pictures on the walls I sent each and every artist a PM asking permission. Albeit not for the old posters and several pictures from a local paper. A son’ a bitch suing me could very well find that a exercise in futility. Not to mention my old ass being in the ground before a resolution. So your comment about the work of others is confusing to say the least or the most backhanded attempt at ball busting ever posted in this section of BA. The place was build so the only permission I need is for hanging works which will be in a slow credit roll at the end.


I was just wondering (and you explained things pretty clearly here), carry on.

Still at it, that is lovely. I like the feel of the place since you’ve kept adding all the frames. Nice to see you continue.

Thanks Craig since I have illusions of actually finishing this somehow and not having a grandson finding the unfinished effort on the machine while emptying this apartment out. Not to mention my locker of granny porn which is way to old for him. Take care in Texas.

Like many, I suppose, I took a wrong turn in my pursuit of learning blender. Being interested in animation it seems I never learned modeling. Well, just enough to get me by I should say. To be honest edge or box modeling from a background reference image is tedious to me. But, that is a skill some younger person might need. Then I happened across a series of tutorials from Dan Nobles I believe his last name is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh_pf7a95DE

Where I wasn’t required to slavishly follow a background image. Nor, his tutorial I might add. Because where but in space can you simply let your mind run on. That being said I did follow his tutorial for the inner and outer body and am still following along adapting his suggestions to my little mini project here. IMHO the man knows his modeling and is a excellent instructor. And, this has been a welcomed break from my ongoing project. Not to mention learning some modeling skills which I lacked.

We also happen to be in the middle of a heatwave here which is suppose to break today. So getting the ambient temperature down for any serious rendering whould land you in the poor house. Even given the rates we enjoy in Virginia, knock on wood. So for a welcome break and some modeling tips I thought I would pass it along. And yes I’m only up to the 7th clip in his series I believe. So it’s a work in progress as you can see with my little doodad library off to the right. And, I wouldn’t think of not watching the entire series. Because the guy is not only talking about modeling but his take on this space thing. And, many times CG graphics in general.


wow, a lot of progress there and looks fun too