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I have to get used to the new interface. I find it offers no advantages to the previous interface. The slider at the right edge to move the time ruler is the only advantage I can see. Otherwise, I find the new interface extremely confusing and difficult to understand. I am missing, for example, the Quicklinks, where I could see an overview of my own posts. editing and entering text is now a little easier.

Now this is an infinite fumbling to surf through the threads. It’s no fun to surf in the forum anymore. And I am not alone:

I will probably be less in the forum. Not a good solution.

If there’s anything that I would change is making the Featured Topics bar (at the top, with all the thumbnails of featured topics) right-clickable so I can open then on new tabs, or at least force the featured topic link to open on a new tab.
Right now I can’t keep reading a thread and then open one of the featured topics to read later, like I used to do in the past.

How do I make this look more like a normal forum?

now the forum looks cheap -good i will save time keeping away

Much preferred the old forum style, why fix what ain’t broke? That being said, I’m sure after a while I will get used to it, maybe even warm to it. We’ll see :thinking:


Use the sticky timeline:


  1. Click and hold the page counter and drag it to your desired position, or;
  2. Click the “32m ago” timestamp at the bottom of the timeline to immediately jump to the bottom of the topic.
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I like the way the forum is shaping up, and I appreciate all the excellent effort going into this.

The thread timeline scroll bar on a laptop can be small (as in too thin) and quick tricky to grab/scroll, especially with a touch pad.

Here are some nice things I discovered for jumping around within a thread:

The Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard (at least on a PC desktop/laptop) let you jump quickly through several posts at a time.

Also, and perhaps more importantly when attempting to jump back and forth from top to bottom (or bottom to top) of threads:

the HOME and END keys (as tested on a PC desktop/laptop keyboard) lets me quickly jump to the top and bottom (respectively) of any given thread.


just because a thing is old doesn’t mean it is “bad”.

This style if more for a “social” type forum rather than a “technical” forum. this will take a while to try to adjust to.

These changes are driven by younger generations, doesn’t mean it is necessarily better. Like the changes to engineering modeling that were driven by the labor market being flooded with “graphic designers” that couldn’t understand engineering solid part modeling, so the software companies pushed to a more “artistic” style modeling which slows the workflow considerably. And now that’s the standard and we are stuck with it.

And for clarification, artistic flow is fine until you are doing precision work, then it’s a nightmare.

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I haven’t explored everything yet, and I’m more a reader than a poster. But in the short time I used to browse through posts and stuff, I think this whole thing might end up being an interesting upgrade.

Everything being quite different, I have no doubt that many will have trouble adapting. But I’m sure people will get there.

The biggest problem seems to be the lack of documentation. I can’t find anything definitive after a quick search. The information seems to be lost in tons of threads on Discourse’s Meta, stack exchange, and misc posts on random discourses. For example, a definitive list of keyboard shortcuts.

So I guess I’ll discover things by dropping my headphones on the keyboard!

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? key will display the shortcuts, might require Shift on your device. Other tips are being compiled here: Getting Started with Discourse If you have some to add there please do. Thanks

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I would like to say that I think there’s some cool stuff going on here. Loving the latest threads on the homepage… I think that adds discover-ability, which is nice. Loving the ability to order threads (latest, unread, top).

Still finding my way about it, but I’m liking it so far. I haven’t been super active here, but this is making me want to be much more. Thanks!


Where can I adjust the number of posts loaded at once? Right now it’s very annoying to try and get to the end of a thread. You can press End but that doesn’t actually get to the end of the thread, just to the end of loaded posts, so you have to wait for the next batch to load, then press End again, load again, press End again, etc.

You can’t adjust that, just keep reading. To get to the bottom at once, use the navigator on the side of the page - click on the time/date at the bottom.

Sorry if come back with this…If I’m the only one I’ll never post it again. :slight_smile:
I find that is quite difficult to visually understand the new threads or threads where someone replied with a new post.
In particular with the dark theme, the text color difference is really weak. If you dont’ want to use a color, please use a stronger solution (bold or more color difference).

thanks in advance.

Valid point. Please post your ideas or custom css here and tag with #custom-theme for further collaboration/discussion.

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Really, because pressing End once displays the last post in Firefox?
What’s your browser please?

@all Please vote so the wiki can be updated to account for other user experiences. Thanks.

  • End and Home keys jump to last and first post respectively.
  • End and Home keys jump only some of the way along the thread.
  • End and Home keys don’t do anything.

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Home/End works for me in Chrome/OSX as well as Firefox 59/OSX

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@bartv can we have back stats traffic, like new user (to wish him welcome), how many people are using the sites right, …

Who cares?..