Align objects by faces

I just created a script to align two objects by their faces. It’s probably less complete than Precise_Align but is very quick to use and doesn’t require an empty object.

You just select the faces you want to align in edit mode and call the operator, either via a custom hotkey or using the “search” panel (it doesn’t have any GUI for now).

Wiki page:

To install the script, place the .py file in the “addons” directory (Blender/2.XX/scripts/addons).

Edit - May 4th 2013
Version 0.2.1 uploaded, bugfix for parallel faces

Edit - May 25th 2013

Version 0.2.2 uploaded, bugfix for selection order not working anymore with 2.67


good job I will try it

seems really handy for modelling

hi… thank you… :slight_smile:

hi… thanks… :slight_smile:

I need to do this in the BGE but animated while physical, help ? then initiate parent or RBJ relationship…

Sorry, may I did something wrong, but I cant find function “Align by face” (after press space bar)… Blender v2,65

You need to select the two objects first.

Nice addon, works great!

thankyou for this!

thanks! :smiley:

Nice work man, very very usefull script saves many clicks over object, i hope that this will be implemented in next revision in Blender.

hello i try the add ons in blender 2.68.1

but not appear in search this is a bug?

Like some post above you need to select the two objects first.

ok, I can do this with Torque and force over time now in the game engine


this aligns to a objects center, and facing, it could easily be made to align a face normal to a face normal with a little bit of math


WrectifedGrabAndMove.blend (534 KB)

Looks awesome! I just installed it.
(I too was not thrilled with having to make an empty when using Precise Align.)

If assigning a custom keyboard shortcut what is the python name to bind?


Thanks for the very useful addon.

One thing that would nice to have would be to align an edge in each object after the the faces are aligned.

To an extent you can do this with the built in snap functionality.
Set the Snap Element to Edge.
But perhaps you mean the ability to snap one specific edge to another specific edge (both within a single object and also object to object)
In which case I agree, that would be convenient.

Quantum Anomaly - yes, I meant snap one specific edge to another specific edge after the faces have been aligned. That would be easier than the snapping workaround now possible.

…thx, i use it a lot…