Looking for an Align tool for Blender 2.8

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because the snapping in Blender is too imprecise and fiddly for me,
I’m looking for a simple Add-On that allows me to align objects with each other.

Something like Align objects by faces

Copy Object to Selected

I have already tested several addons (Mesh Align Plus etc.), unfortunately without success.

I hope one of you can help me.

Many greetings

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What exactly are you trying to do? I developed Mesh Align Plus, and if you can give me an example, I’ll try to show you how to do it (probably as a GIF).

Edit: I don’t have full 2.8 compatibility yet (not since the beta was released). That should be happening soon though!

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Hi egtwobits,

many thanks for your answer.

Please look at the short video here.

Simple in principle.
I select a face for the target and source object and can attach the objects to each other.

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Here’s ONE way to do it in Mesh Align Plus, in 2.80: You can grab both face normals and align one to the other (GIF below uses “Align Lines” to align face normals to each other):

Or, you can grab three points for each face and align those to each other with “Align Planes”. There’s GIFs on the Mesh Align Plus wiki on github for that (ask if more help is needed).

Keep in mind, the cylinder in the gif is radially symmetrical so you might want to use align planes and then align points if you want further rotation/position control.

The 2.80 compatible version from the GIF isn’t a full release, but you can grab the file here for now (install instructions also on the github wiki), it will be officially released sometime soon:

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This is absolute fantastic.
Thank you very very much egtwobits.