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Firstly, Kudos on the addon, been using it since its birth. I wanted to ask if anyone had this error while invoking it:

Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Ivo\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.83\scripts\addons\all_material_list\”, line 17, in invoke
return context.window_manager.invoke_props_dialog(self, width=dpi_value*3, height=300)
TypeError: WindowManager.invoke_props_dialog(): takes at most 2 arguments, got 3

I am on E-Cycles version 20200310. Reinstalled everything, started fresh to no avail. The popup screen gets this error while it shows in the lower left as usual.

thanks in advance for any info. Cheers!

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Popup menus now output errors due to API changes in Blender 2.83.:confounded:
I will fix .
Thank you for reporting a bug.

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ver2.1.1 Bug Fixed in Blender2.83

  • Fixed pop-up menu output error in Blender2.83

Due to API change.
With this change, the menu will appear below the mouse.


ver2.2.0 Split menu into panels / list assigned objects


List the materials assigned object

In the material list, you can now display the objects that each material is assigned.
You can rename selected.


  • You can open and close the display for each material
  • You can also display of only the active material
  • Bulk opening and closing
  • Switch to the menu where you can edit the name

Add the replication functions of material

  • you can copy a material by click the material assignment button while holding down the Shift


Divide the menu to panel

Since the list has been becomes many, it was to divide the menu into a plurality of panels.

Panel display can be changed from the configuration

From add-on configuration, you can switch between the list to the panel menu display.
By changing here, this it is also possible to display the entire list as one of the panel up to.

Combining a list of the main materials in one

Because the contents have not overlap, we combine the material list and the material index list.
The default is to display the material index list.

  • From “simple list mode” of other menu [∨], you can switch to the previous material list
  • Simple List mode displays a list menu of Blender standard. Who here is, items that can be displayed, but is less, is the scroll is likely to

Translated into Japanese


The menu name and operator name, description was translated into Japanese

Other Changed

  • It has been changed to the tab category name "Mat List"
    • Since the panel has increased, it has been changed in its own name from the name that may overlap with other add-ons
  • In the material list, change as the number of users is effective to fake the user to hide the also selected icon case of 0
  • Change the name of the button for “assign a material”
    • old “Apply Material”
    • new “Assign Material”

Bug fixes

  • In the material list, in the case of the selected object filter type, Fixed an issue where items are overlapping display
  • Modify the other menu [∨] of the issue in which some has not been displayed in the image list


BOOTH even started selling.



Thanks for update.

I have one problem, i have a lot of materials
and button “more” doesnt work for me.
I can see only 20 materials from my 66 materials.


Oops! This is a bug!
I am Sorry. I will fix this.
(Somehow there is a scroll menu for the light probe in the material menu …)

Until this problem is fixed, use scrolling inside the magnifying glass icon.

ver2.3.0 Enhanced light list / Bug fixes

To help make the lighting, we strengthened the light list.
Such as a non-display of the panel removal of the translation and panel untranslated text, it was fixed implementation leakage in the previous significant update.

Since the function has become enormous, it has been greatly change the internal structure.


Add a solo display function

By clicking while holding down the alt and ctrl the display switching icon, you can single display items.
This is useful when you want to check the lighting of only a single light.
It works with light / light probe / camera.

Key map function
click Display switching
alt + click Disable viewport other than the specified items
ctrl + click Disable render other than the specified items

Added the ability to the intensity of the light doubled 1/2

You can dramatically increase or decrease the intensity of the light in the button click.
This eliminates the need of numeric input in the lighting work.

You can access from the side of the small two round buttons on the list strength options.

Key map function
click *2 or 1/2
shift + click *1.5 times or 3/4
alt + click *1.1 times or *0.9 times
ctrl + click Rounding number

Display the individual detailed options

In the list of write-light probe camera, you can now display the options of individual items.
Without the need to open the object selection and Property Editor, you can edit the detailed settings of the object.

Added the sort function in the intensity of the light

Add a collection to the filter type

In the list of light / light probe / camera, it added a “collection” to the filter type.
The only objects within a particular collection filters, you can list.


Even in the state “sort of a collection”, corresponding to the search

Even in the state “sort of a collection”, now it supports a filter function, such as reversing a regular expression search-name order, sort order.

Changed the decision of the “case-sensitive” in reverse

It has been changed to be more state of reasonable options.

Translated some of the untranslated text in Japanese

A text that did not cope in the previous update, was translated into Japanese.

Some of the options in the list is changed to a non-display by default

In the list of light / light probe, default to hided the options.

Moved the viewport / render button to the left

So that the order of the out-of-liner display, we changed the position of the icon.

Bug fixes

Panel menu to hide the panel menu at the time of invalid

Of add-on setting, if you disable the “display in the panel menu format”, was to to hide the panel.


  • Fix the problems of In the material list, modifying the scroll numerical value of the under-list it had ended up with numerical values ​​for the light probe rather than a material
  • The header of the list of the camera, fix the problems of the other menu button was gone
  • Fixed an issue that could not be case-sensitive match of the search
  • Since the function has become enormous, it has been greatly changed the internal structure
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I’m experiencing a frustrating bug.

If I save the scene and close Blender with any of the All Material List drop downs open, when I re-open that scene the drop downs no longer function. They no longer display any materials, images etc… depending on what drop down I left open.

For example in a current project the list of materials no longer shows up in the addon. All the other drop downs work, lights, emissive materials etc…

If I create a new scene, even inside the same Blender file the drop downs work normally again. For the life of me however, I can not figure out how to get the addon to see the materials in the scene were it stopped working.

Uninstalling and re-installing the addon does nothing. Short of appending everything in the broken scene into a new scene nothing seems to get the lists back once this bug has occured.

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Continuing the discussion from All Material List:

Bug report ver 2.3.0

step 1. call out the quick menu hit this button (N panel can also does this )

step 2. hit ok

step 3. error

step 1. when there is only empty materials and use clean up material slot

step 2. error

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Automatically execute “material color to view port color” on selected object or new created materials
when hitting these buttons。

These two settings should have “remove old slot” on by default

@virgil_182 @Nick2321

Thank you for the bug report.
The next version will fix these issues.

  • In the material list, the list was not displayed in the filter type scene.
  • Hide panel option in add-on settings is not disabled after rebooting
  • The problem that the opening and closing state of the menu returns to the original state when restarting.
  • “Cleanup Material Slot” operator does not work properly

I am currently working on fixing a bug related to the panel menu, but it is taking time…


I will consider the implementation of Suggestions A and B.

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ver2.3.1 Improvement of new material creation function / Bug fixed


Added a function to set a random color similar to a preset color

  • Added a function to set a random color close to the preset color in the viewport color preset color allocation function.


  • shift + click each preset button to access it

Added batch setting function of path index

  • You can batch set the path index of materials or objects
  • Set from specific filter types such as slots, selected objects, scenes, all data, etc.
  • Set the same value / Set individual values


  • Material list → [∨] menu → “Batch Setting Pass Index”


Improved new material creation function

  • Execution result is now displayed as a message
  • Changed to set the material color to the viewport color automatically.
    • This is convenient when you set random colors material
  • In Bulk Assign button, “Remove old material slots in advance” option is now enabled by default
  • Improved internal source code


  • Set icon on panel
  • Separated box display for lists and list options

Bug fix

  • Fixed a problem that the list is not displayed in the material list in the filter type scene.
  • Fixed an issue where the hidden option in the add-on settings panel could not be disabled after a reboot
  • Fixed the problem that the open / closed status of the menu returns to the original when restarted in the compact menu.
    • Returned to the previous Property registration method. This will open and close the menu will affect undo
  • Fixed a problem that “Cleanup Material Slot” operator does not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where the “Material Color → Viewport Color” operator would fail if there was an empty material slot

I tested this in 2.82 and latest 2.83 beta (blender-2.83-a8441fc90086-windows64), but i get this error when i tried to do color based on material color on selected objects.


I cant find a way to access the index pass option in 2.90 alpha. Anyone else?

edit; was able to find it using the search menu and then I got this while trying to use it:


The viewport color setting function only supports materials with a simple node structure and principal BSDF and Diffuse BSDF.
Perhaps the source of the error was a material that did not meet this criteria.
In the next update, the material with the error will be fixed to pass through.


The error is caused by a change in the Blender specification.
My add-on does not yet support Blender 2.9.
However, this error also occurs in Blender 2.83, so we will fix this issue in the next update.


I believe it was a simple BSDF, but I will try again to be sure, thank you!

ver2.4.0 update

Added scene list and action list

Added a list of scenes and a list of actions.

Add Scene List

All scenes can be displayed.
You can delete a scene or switch to the active scene.

Cooperation with Save Cams add-on

If Save Cams ver2.3.0 or later is installed, the display contents can be expanded.
You can display various render settings and view layer list for each scene.

Ported to the All Material List add-on itself in ver 2.4.1

Add action list


List action data.
When assigning, you can change the frame range of the timeline at the same time and check the motion smoothly.

  • Select object with action data


  • Action assigned to the selected object
  • Actions assigned to scene objects
  • All action data
  • Action containing the active object name

Allocation behavior

When assigning an action, the frame range is automatically set to the action range.

  • Do nothing (default)
  • Set to scene frame range
  • Set to preview range
    • Available when the preview range is enabled
  • Set to scene frame range and preview range
    • Available when the preview range is enabled

Minor changes

  • Material assignment function supported, grease pencil material assignment
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looks like I can`t get this version to install without Save Cams addon activate.^^

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Oops… I didn’t have enough confirmation.
I will fix it as soon as possible.
Thanks for reporting the bug.

ver2.4.1 Bug Fixed

porting view layer list and rendering settings display

  • In the scene list, the view layer list and rendering setting display have been ported to the All Material List add-on.
    • Don’t depend on Save Cams addon anymore
    • Fixed a fatal issue where add-ons would not be available without Save Cams
  • The panel display option switching menu can now be accessed from the 3D view.
    • 3D view → Sidebar (N) → “All Material List” panel → Top right menu (▼)
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