Angle Tool

Known issues:

The add-on will give an error with Auto Merge enabled in Edit Mode.

Add-on Description:

Angle Tool is a simple and robust modeling tool for quickly creating corner geometry from any cross-section selection in Edit Mode. After selecting part of your mesh in Edit Mode and specifying an Active Edge, you can now use the Angle Tool command to turn your geometry around that edge and extend it to create a geometric corner. It’s really simple but kind of hard to explain, so please refer to the visuals :slight_smile:

Angle Tool Extended Trailer
Angle Tool Tutorial

(each video has a viewing time of 4 min)

Angle Tool is only compatible with Blender 2.8. There is a legacy version of the tool available called Corner Extrude.

Available here:

Thank you for supporting!


  • Installation steps are standard. In Blender User Preferences > Add-ons, click Install Add-on from File… Then browse to the file that you downloaded and install it. Then enable it.
  • I highly recommend adding a new Hotkey for mesh.angle_tool under 3D View > Mesh.
  • The add-on is also compatible with Blender 2.8. I will update the add-on according to the changes related to the development of Blender 2.8 API.


Either use Search Menu (default Spacebar) and type in Angle Tool or assign your own hotkey from the Face drop-down menu in Edit Mode. If manually assigning the shortcut in User Preferences, make a new hotkey with the name mesh.angle_tool under Mesh (Global).

For the legacy version, assign hotkey for mesh.corner_extrude or look for Corner Extrude in the Search Menu.

The command is designed to be used with a cross-section of your mesh, i.e. flat geometry, but I’d be interested to see if you can find other uses for it. So in Edit Mode select some geometry - can be Verts, Faces or Edges. After that switch to Edge Mode and select one Active Edge . The Active Edge will act as a hinge for the other selected geometry to extrude and rotate around.



That’s pretty slick, Nice work!

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Thank you for this! Instant purchase.

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Very useful!

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Thanks for the support and I’m glad that people are finding Corner Extrude useful!

I just wanted to announce that I’ve added a version of the add-on that is compatible with Blender 2.8. It’s now available on both stores. Please refer to the original post :slight_smile: Thx again!

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Very useful! good job

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Oh, so now were have max’s hinge from edge, this is kind of like the spin functionality but without the cursor positioning hassle. Is it possibly to use more subdivisions thought? I barely used it in Max but there’s hinge along a spline left for someone to do an addon.

It’s not possible to achieve the same result with Max Hinge From Edge or Blender’s Spin commands. Angle Tool extends (scales) the extrusion out to form a corner, while Hinge From Edge and Spin only kind of rotate your extrusion around a pivot. Hinge Along Spline is cool and I think we can do the same in Blender with the Curve object or Curve Modifier, but it in certain cases it’s a hassle to set up (more than one click :slight_smile:)

Right now Angle Tool’s unique main function is working but I have thought of some ways of improving the intuitiveness as well as adding some extra features, which could be added in the near future.


Hi i just purchased your addon, i was wondering if you can make it so we can controll the loopcuts wile extruding? I am not sure if i explaind what i ment.

Hi Kasim! Thanks for purchasing, I hope you find it useful. Do you mean adding loopcuts to achieve a rounded corner, or do you mean adding some sort of subdivisions? I have thought about some of these options and I hope to be able to make a more advanced version in the future.

I already own and love this addon but if it had a way of adding extra divisions in there that would be amazing!

Hey Dheim! I’m really happy to hear you find it useful :slight_smile: However, I’m still a bit unclear on which types of subdivisions you mean? Could you maybe add a screenshot to illustrate? Thanks.

I made these manually after running your script to generate the initial bends. I think what I had in mind were two controls - one to add extra divisions to the corner that’s created, and one to “tighten” the corner with those divisions. The highlighted edges are the ones I added manually (by Bevelling the edge that your addon created).

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Yep I think this functionality would be good to have. I will try to add it in the future.


I just bought the addon as well and it seems really useful. I were wondering if it was possible to add in a feature that lets you change the width of the supporting loop cuts around the corner? Here’s an example of what I mean:

I created those by just offsetting the active edge from the actual extrusion profile before doing the corner extrusion. This would be really good because it would allow you to easily create bevelled corners with variable bevel radius (just add a bevel modifier with 90-100 percent as the limit method and you’ll see what I mean), which is something that would be especially good for scifi art.

This might be what @kasim_yildiz meant as well.

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Yes, I’ll try to add this feature in the future, since many people have mentioned it :slight_smile:


That’s great! Thanks, man!

Maybe you can also add some degree preset button: 15°/30°/45° etc.?


Yes that’s a good idea also, I have considered that.


coll addon, make extruding faster

got this, is it normal ? is it working on last build ?