Angle Tool

just to report angle tool now lags when i scrub the history / screen.redo_last

in older build this does not behave like this still usable or it doesnt lag when in first operation ( modal active )

i hope it gets fix
i really like to combine your toolwith Re-last Addon to customize my own modal keys

as you can see in this video its also affected or lagging

Hey, thanks for the feedback and videos. I’ll get into fixing bugs soon I hope. Life threw me a curve ball recently so I’m trying to regroup these days. Hopefully it’s a matter of a month or two that I could fix the bugs and performance issues related to blender updates.

Which build of Blender did you notice this with? RC3?


Was excited to try this tool, would help a lot in my daily work but I couldnt get it to work! I am on 2.8 and followed the tutorial to set the tool up!

Hello! The tool is cool, I really like it, using it in creation of modules for environments. I just wonder, is it possible to increase amount of edges in curve mode? For now max limit is 32 segments. Thank you!

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Hi ShadyMandy,

Thanks! You can change this by editing inside the zip file, line 319 (the extrude_amounts variable). That should be enough. Let me know if you’re able to do it or I can make a separate version for you. Currently this is limited for performance purposes but in a future version the limit will be increased and performance will be improved.


Interesting addon!
But could you tag it as commercial?
It’s like my daily job to collect free addons and some paid addons here are not tagged as commercial.
Thanks in advance

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