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(Avery) #21

Thanks! It is always fun to experiment and try new things! I try to learn a lot so I can make use of things in short films. Like these clouds should look good with my snowy mountain environment which I plan to use in a film… Hopefully! If not, well, at least I learned something! :joy:

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(--) #22

Yeah, I agree, it’s good to learn, even if it does not come in handy. But in most cases at least some of what you learned can be used again! :blush: Wow, a short film! That would be so cool! Also agree, it would look nice in a snowy mountain place! :hugs:

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(Avery) #23

Yeah, learning whatever you can is always helpful, never know when you might need that knowledge. Especially when you do things alone like myself, which is why short film creation can be quite challenging. I’ve got like, three different film ideas in my head right now and none of them are even slightly close to being done. :joy:
But I play and experiment in blender for preparation of those ideas, and hopefully, one day, those ideas will form into reality. :slightly_smiling_face:

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(--) #24

I understand, I’m only just getting started, but my goal is to make games. I’ll be doing it alone too, but that’s why the internet is so wonderful! We can learn so much from others, and people are amazingly helpful if we get stuck! I’m sure you can do it!:grin::+1:

(Avery) #25

Well actually, game creation was my original intention when I started 3d. I was learning programing in game maker studio for about 3 years, starting in 2013. Mostly just making simple pixel art games. Than in 2016 I started working with Unity and Blender. But, unfortunately my game idea became pretty out of scope for me to handle. So I took a break from game creation. I still am planning to eventually return to that game, with a clearer head this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

The last year I’ve been focusing entirely on short films and more recently, a web comic, I just have to finalize the story!

Anyway, best of luck to us both!

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(--) #26

Haha, it can be so easy to let your imagination run away with you! I remember when I was younger using an RPG maker program. I had such grand ideas, but I only got as far as making the intro screen, a short movie like exchange between the characters, one very small town, and the inside of the inn. xD It took me forever, and I remember spending days just figuring out the coding just to make this one torch light on fire in the hallway. I’m looking forward to getting into the actual coding of game development, because that was where I had the most fun as I got into it more, aside from pixeling the actual graphics. This time though, I’ll start with a simple game so I can actually finish it! :sweat_smile:

Ahh, that is so cool! Both the short film and web comic! Both are a lot of work, but it would definitely be worth the effort, so cool to see your own creations made into a complete story! :heartpulse:

Yeah, I’m sure we can both meet our goals in time! Lets both work hard! :two_hearts::hugs:

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(Avery) #27

Slowly and steadily this character is coming together. Probably going to be one of the most detailed characters I’ve ever done.


Hopefully He’ll be animated ready in a few months, I just hope he’ll look as good in Eevee, since Eevee is pretty much the only way I could render an animation of this detail.

(Avery) #28

Some characters I created recently. They use a shadeless material with vertex colors to create the toon styled visuals.

I’m hoping to create a short film using these characters, haven’t decided 100% what the story will be, but it will be a very whimsical story I hope!. It will be a strange mixture of fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk maybe? Not sure yet! Hopefully this will be my next main project. Fingers crossed!

(Avery) #29

An animation for these characters! I’m really happy with how it turned out, it’s simple, but considering how simple these characters appear, I feel like they express a lot of emotion with little detail. I feel like this is going to be a really great project to work on. Let’s just hope I don’t give up on it like I have for previous projects. :sweat_smile:

(Avery) #30

I decided to post this here, As this dosen’t really need it’s own post. Created this bird a few years back for a game I was working on. Hope you like it!

(Avery) #31

An old interior environment I created a while back. And when I say a while back I mean like more than half a year ago.

Like always I created this project for a possible animation project I never finished. But hey, this was a good try at creating an interior environment as I don’t do them a whole lot. The room was meant to be a bit old fashioned looking.

This was rendered in Blender Internal, which is sad to see go in Blender 2.8, since it was great for Npr style like this. But I know Eevee can already create great Npr styles already so I’m not too sad. :laughing:

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(Avery) #32

Here’s a few other renders from my piece, “Sweet Dreamer” I did for the last weekend challenge.
I really enjoyed doing this piece, it was nice to work on something different. Especially when I have a bunch of other projects on my mind. I just let my mind free, and worked on something that had no planned outcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Earlier render.

Character render.

(Avery) #33

This is Gus the Grumpy Penguin. A character created by my sister, that I brought to life in 3D. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Avery) #34

I’m gonna try posting more of my old unfinished works on sketchfab, after all, might as well share the work I put in them. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Avery) #35

Just some more of these characters that I’ve posted on Sketchfab. It’s the last you’ll probably see of these characters.

(Junaid Sayyed) #36

Cool stuff

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