Arturo e il Gabbiano | short film

I see. I assumed it’d be a hero-prop central to the story (like in the characters interact with it directly), but if it’s just a background-asset, basically, it might as well be fine as is.

Cool test on the waves.

greetings, Kologe


Testing eevee real-time for ocean scene.
I would to merge an evee pass with cycles pass(for buildings and chars)

What do u think


Nice mood. Looking the waves size, I’d add a little more detail. Right now it resembles too much oil, in my eyes

hi. thanks. So water has more ripples?

Can’t to be too technical, I have no reference. It’s a sensation. How big would a football ball be in that water? (just to make an example)

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Short goes on.
This is a simple still frame of an opening shot.
I udes Hdr heaven for the sky


Hi guys
The short movie production is in the main core and i’m approching to make different animation shot
I want to shaw with you this frame, I rendered it i different layers.
I followed a Blender Cloud tutorial about the volumetric cloud and used it in this shot.
Meanwhile the Team expanded and in the animation departement now are Umberto Salerni(supervisor) and a new one, Nicolas d’Amore.

Also the short movie name changed from Sully tales into Arturo e il gabbiano (Arthur and the seagull)

more here



Beautiful as always. I personally like the new name a lot more than the old one, if you excuse my saying this so bluntly.
I think the work of you and your team is coming along really nice. If I was to give critique, I’d say the wave break from 2 posts above unfortunateley feels much like a miniature still. This is probably largely due to the water lacking high-frequency-ripples. Maybe some sharper creases and/or crisper texture-detail, probably bumpmapping on the rocks might help either.
Subtle whitewater might help too, I suppose.
In effect, you’ll have to try an see what works, I guess. Keep it up, guys!

greetings, Kologe

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Wow, I just want to say that your work is amazing! really looking forward to seeing the end result!

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Thansk a lot for your feedback.
Yes. name now is more intuitive. In fact the old one was supposed for a serie but the work will remain only in this short movie.
Thanks also for feedback of the waves. I have a notebook with all the critiques and when the production will arrive in a good point i’ll make some improvements

thnaks. Me too

While Nicolas D’Amore and Umberto Salerni are working on animation of some shot ( we almost finished 1/3 of all animation), I’m modeling last props for a new scene. We changed something about the storyboard adding an intro opening scene to emphasize the main character.

See u soon.

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After one year of production of this short-fim a little interview about the crew who is working on it.


A first lighting test about the second shot of the movie.


Strange colors there! I’d expect a warmer sky color instead of that greenish tint

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thanks for feedback.
Yes… I agree with U. There is also too much glow.

you’re welcoma, and… in the wolf’s mouth with this project!

A quick render test of a shot

Main character Arturo TurnAround progress

A still frame render

A little breakdown

A vieport view

More here

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