BagaPie Addon

Hi !

BagaPie Modifier is an all in one FREE addon.

It is accompanied with BagaPie Assets which is fully integrated into BagaPie’s workflow.

This addon create modifier and geometry nodes preset like : boolean, scatter, auto array on curve, …
It is mainly designed for architecture.

BagaPie V7

BagaPie V8

BagaPie V9

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If you have any errors please do not hesitate to contact me.


These are some very handy utilities, thanks!

As an idea there could be another scatter preset that puts you in weight paint mode and adds a vertex group for cases when you need more control.


Good idea ! This could replace the “Subdivide” option (which isn’t really useful here).

I’m going to rewrite the Array to do it in Geometry Nodes and have random and circular arrays.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the addon, very useful


Very useful! Thanks for offering it. The boolean operation is not working however (at least here at me… in Blender 2.93 -the latest official version-). Whenever I click on it, on the pie, it gives the message below:


Thanks !
I found the issue =)

I correct it immediately. In the meantime you can activate the addon “Add Mesh: Extra Object” in the blender preferences (basic addon in blender). The problem should be solved =).


The addon and the link are up to date =) V0.1.0.4


Really nice addon. Can you please upload this addon in also. In BlenderAxom users can install it directly!


Hi, I didn’t know Blender Axom, it looks really cool to me =) I have some features to add to the addon. I could add it at this point.


Now it is ok. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

It would be good to have in booleans some other shapes also. A circle (a cylinder) and a free polygon draw option mainly. Also, for the scatter it would be good to have an option for weight paint (as it is mentioned above too).

Shortly said, it is a very cleverly organized add-on. It would be good to keep it evolving.

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Yes ^^ WIP
I would like to have a “Scatter Paint” tonight or tomorrow.

Next I will replace the array with this “old” prototype :


Nice addon. Work really well. Thank you!


I replaced “Subdivision” by “Scatter Paint” which allows you to paint one or more particles quickly :
Note : If you just used “Scatter” just before, I advise you to deactivate the modifier before painting for performance reasons.

Scatter paint

I also remade the Array with Geometry Nodes. It allows to randomize the position and the rotation :
Note : There is also a big performance issue if you use the
popup panel, I advise you to go directly to the modifiers panel. When this problem is solved, I would add the array to Circle, Grid and add the Scale Random and Seed properties.

Array Line

Download :


The scatter paint has a problem here: It does not do the work properly. There appear some very big in size objects (from those that has selected to be scattered on the surface) and they remain unscatterd on the painted areas.

As to the array on curve feature… there too is needed a randomize option. Imagine that you make an abandoned countryside fence for example: its pickets have to be randomly positioned because of agedness. Or imagine that you make a rosary with some cubic beads… they have to be randomly arrayed.

Is the scale of your instances correctly applied ? Actually Scatter and Scatter Paint have the same default value. I need to change the default value and “lock” the pop-up panel to keep the parameters visible (scale, density, …).

I also added a little security feature to save a bit of performance. (not available in the downloadable version)

Yes, for the Array I must first resolve the performance issue and then we can add lots of cool options !

Thanks for the feedback !


The simple scatter works ok, the problem appears in the scatter paint only. I do not know why but the instances there become uncontrollable. Maybe I am doing something wrong. It would be good to have a small video showing the steps you follow.

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The weight paint you are drawing just tells geometry nodes that the instance CAN appear there, you are not painting objects directly. The amount of objects that populate that space are controlled in the GN modifier.

Also remember to apply the scale before and if you want to change something do it directly to the mesh.

@AntoineBagattini Adding the seed input could help with more control


I did find, at last, where was the problem. Thanks for the video, it was helpful. :smiley:

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It seems that the simple scatter tool can be used very effectively for producing rock tile walls. It needs, however, some more options. An option for a random offset from the surface and an option for more orderly formation (something that can be titled as ‘surface array’ maybe). Having some such further options can make a very nice looking rock wall modelling a breeze.

Also, would be good to have a random scale of the array objects in the ‘array’ tool.

Btw, I am totally ignorant regarding programming, so I do not have the slightest idea as to the difficulty of programming such things. I just am sharing ideas. :smiley:


Wow ! Nice !

I just finished adding the Scale to the Array.
I also added the circle and grid array. I also made small improvements to the paint scatter.

If everything works correctly I publish the new version in the afternoon (France) =)