Baroque Executive office (Blender eevee)

I’m Paul Kotelevets, you may know me as 1D_Inc - Blender quad topology baroque/classic modeller, concept designer of different tools, such as F2, or diamond Blenderfund donator.
I has got a little anniversary

  • 500 000 downloads of my very first free stock baroque model - Mirror table, so I’ve decided to celebrate this event.

I, with generous help of Albert Shamseev, made made my first baroque interior, and rendered video in 60 fps in Blender 2.8 beta’s eevee.


Scene stats:

  • 4 000 000 faces (8 mln tris)
  • 415 Mb (with 70 Mb Irradiance cache, and 170 Mb - all textures packed in)
  • 4 light sources, no HDRI
  • No subd modifier used
  • No normal maps except books and service.

Eevee rendering engine:

  • Irradiance cubemap + volume 5x4x3 (1024x), 3 bounces

Video stats :

  • 1920x1080 60 fps 5000 frames ~ 14sec per frame on GTX 770 (~30 sec for DOF)

UPD Scene is prepared for stock sale.



Final and clay renders:


In general, you want to be very careful with AO unless you can’t afford not to use it. The reason is that it flattens the lighting and reduces the amount of depth you would otherwise get with GI alone.

It’s nice that Eevee allows normal artists to do stuff like this, but the old guidelines to make great work is still in place. The room right now just seems too perfect and too spotless, you don’t have to make the room even close to something dirty and busted, but even a little imperfection can go a long way.


@1D_Inc I admire your work-s, you are a good force.

Also, currently eevee is better for static images, making video in it was pretty much challenging.

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For sure, this is my first attempt in interior visualization.
I made AO twice weaker than it was, but, it seems, that was not enough.
Thank you for advice)

Beautiful modeling as always.

Hi 1D,
I’ve been watching all your quad by quad modeling videos on youtube, not to mention all your little addons, great stuff, thank you.

Hi! You did a great job! But how many time did you spend on this project? As I understand all pattern in all furniture you make only by hand ? You even do not use sculpting ?

I’ve started research about quad modeling back in 2013, to invent some tools, that will make organic effectivepoly modeling faster. That’s how F2 was born. As a result I’ve got some baroque models, and start stock trading, to make funds for local and general develoopment.

This interior is a composition of different models, so it is hard to say how much I’ve spent on modeling, but interior was started in november 2018, so, I guess, I spent about 2-3 weeks of artwork since then.

I invented stripe modeling workflow with gamepad and mouse to get rid of sculpting, becuse it was x3 times longer, so I use it only when refrences are really bad, so you have to “find” a shape before modeling.
You can find timelapses of process on my channel.

Really good modelling work, but for such a level of modelling quality, I would have taken Cycles to make it shine.


There is, actually, nice setup, that allows to render interiors in cycles pretty much fast
I’ve tried to setup base, and has got a couple of minutes per frame.
Maybe will return to it later.

indeed, the guy in the video you linked uses my patch for interior renders.
Here is another example, 33sec per frame on a single 1080Ti:


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nearly, E-Cycles

Good. I plannes to buy it, but only when will cover diamond donation payment.
Also I’ve heard, that branched pathtracing was removed from there.
That was sad news.

Where did you hear BPT was removed??? The video above is with BPT, E-Cycles is 100% compatible with Cycles. It actually has more features like AI denoising, dithered sobol, scene preparation (like BVH building) once per animation for fly-through on 2.79x branch, etc.

Seems to be local rumors)
Nice to hear it is ok))

I send you a PM, so that you can have a look by yourself.

NIce work!

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