Bend Face - easy bending connected parts



Bend Face is a simple tool for bending your selected face easily.
It use the edge of selection boundary as the rotation axis, then rotate your selected faces.
It is very simple to use, and no need to orient your view or anything else.

Comparing to traditional method in blender (move 3d cursor to selected edge, change pivot mode, align view, rotate, change back the mode, …) , this tool provide a easy way.

Also this tool has another mode, it allow you to use an specific edge for rotation axis.
It allows you to doing posing for parts quick and easily.

This tool is available on gumroad :



So I bought this and I gotta say, it works so incredibly well! I LOVE seeing small addons likes this that are cheap and do a simple thing so easily. Thanks for this!

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This is SO SUPER USEFUL, I didn’t know I needed this until I see this in action !
Too bad it’s not in BlenderMarket.

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This might be outside of your goals, but, when rotating something like this, it could be cool if the rotation kept the other side more planar/created more of a 45’ cut /corner.

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Saw your add-on in Blender Market and bought it IMMEDIATELY ! 28 September 2021.
I cannot imagine not having this add-on anymore, THANKS !

This is one of those add-ons that are not fancy, but once you saw it, you know you NEED IT immediately and cannot imagine an alternate workflow that isn’t as efficient as this !



Grid Modeler was a good add-on, and now this one is great too! I purchased it last week.
It reminded me of the Angle Tool I once bought.

I look forward to more and more new features being added in future updates!

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Bend Face version 4.0.0 update is released :slightly_smiling_face:

This verison is a huge update, and added a lot of improvements :

  • Simplified the tool, added Left-Bottom menu for rotation angle or move input
  • Now you can Rotate-Extrude easily
    The new option “Number of copies” auto create connected edge-loops.
    This is a very power function for making tubes, bended cylinder, complex deform mesh with selected faces.
  • Also you can rotate/move whole selected mesh with copies too

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually I came just for the hinge rotation, but this new update also blows Blender’s awkward native spin tool out of the water. :+1:

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Thank you ! I am glad that you like it :innocent:

I need the new function for myself, so I added it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Awesome work!

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Thank you!

Is there a reason why after I clicked on the edge and rotate, I let go, put the mouse over it again, the highlight line wouldn’t appear, I have to right click and select bend face again.

The old version will still highlight the edge after you have done your first rotation if I remember correct, I might be wrong.

That’s two extra click.
I apologize if I am wrong about the first version.

The latest version has another approach for workflow.
In this version, it finish the operation and show the menu on Left-Bottom of the screen to let you change the parameters. (The tool has finish execution).

It is easier for entering exact number values, number of loops, etc
but the down-side is that you have to run the tool again.

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I have a couple of ideas for how to maybe make the worlflow a little quicker none of these ideas are a specific design plan just random ideas.

  • when bend face is active press or hold a key to perform a quick bend or do it in reverse hold key to enter more complex mode.

  • more interactive bend face holding key to add more loops.

  • hold an other key and move mouse to perform basic offset.

thanks for the awesome tool!

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:
This is great idea (hold a key for serval quick bend).
I will consider it.
When I use this tool in production,
I found that I seldom do many bend actions together.
I mean, I bend something, then maybe extrude, or doing other things, then bend again.
Maybe it is good to be able to do serval bends, but in simple way.


I am so glad I have a copy of the older version before the update, I still find the first one more intuitive and I don’t need the extra features, I love that I can just left click to rotate and right click to move and do it over and over again back and forth.
I hope you wouldn’t mind upgrading the simplier v 3.1.1 if it doesn’t work for Blender anymore :smile:

Hey @Kushiro I just purchased this. Could you upload the 3.1.1 version to Gumroad too please?

New feature “Sliding Rotation” for 4.1.0 :slightly_smiling_face: