Better FBX Importer & Exporter Add-on


The add-on has been released on Blender Market, I wish it solve all FBX issues.:grinning:


  • Supports Blender 2.79b and Blender 2.8.
  • Supports Blender Renderer, Cycles Renderer, and Eevee Renderer.
  • Supports N-Gons (Polygons consisting of more than 4 vertices).
  • Supports exporting smoothing groups.
  • Supports automatic bone orientation.
  • Supports armature deform animation.
  • Supports shape key animation.
  • Supports multiple material sets.
  • Supports multiple UV sets.
  • Supports multiple vertex color sets.
  • Supports meshes attach to bones.
  • Compatible with all FBX versions.
  • Supports exporting from any generic rigging system.
  • Supports exporting retarget-able human armature from Rigify Auto-Rigging System.
  • Supports Unity Engine 2018 and Unreal Engine 4.
  • Supports Windows, Linux and macOS.




Hello info sound great.
What about this issue

I exported the uv sphere with the add-on, you may check it in 3ds Max and Maya.

Sounds great! Better import/export is what’s really needed in blender

Couple of questions:

  • does it import multiple fbx files at once?

  • does it keep instances? For example if I import a whole building will I have all the same windows still linked and instanced, so if I modify one, I modify all?

  • does it use principled bsdf materials by default?

  • does it import multiple fbx files at once?
    No, it imports only one fbx file per time.
  • does it keep instances? For example if I import a whole building will I have all the same windows still linked and instanced, so if I modify one, I modify all?
    No, it does not support instances.
  • does it use principled bsdf materials by default?
    Yes, it imports diffuse texture and adds as simple BSDF material in Cycles and Eevee, other texture types will be ignored, you need to setup them manually.

sadly, all polys rips, seams on each poly.

I was hoping someone would do this! Thanks in advance. Will be buying it on payday. If possible please ad support for cameras and lights.

Can we get an option to not automatically shade smooth by default when importing? I just commented it out in the code but I imagine this is something other people need too.

Also, it doesn’t properly import into the selected collection, it always imports into the base Scene collection, which is different than the standard FBX importer.

Sadly, not realy good, have problems to import simple kitbashs “ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘-nan(ind)’”, also very slow. Internal importer works well.

Hey great product.
@meshonline I just miss one important thing :

  • Is it possible to add the ability to export the custom properties too ? (like in the original blender FBX exporter)
  • The option to apply modifiers

Thank you

Is this faster to Import/Export than standard methods? That’s the main thing that bothers me with the default Blender one, is that its so sloooooooooooooooooooow. Very very slow.

Also, when Importing FBX, overlapped UVs get stitched, which is very bad. Does yours avoid that somehow?

Thank you!

I’ve found it’s much slower than the Blender import/export but way more accurate. So I only use Better FBX when I’ve got one that doesn’t work properly with the built-in.

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oh, lol. Ok. Yeah if it’s alot slower, that might be no go for me/what I do.

Right now, can already take 5-10 min. or more for some highpoly files.
Where as 3DS Max or Keyshot is like seconds.

Hello again, any news about it ? Is it possible ? Thanks

I read on the Blender Market that this add-on does not support the export of multiple animation actions.

Obviously, as a game developer I’d want my characters to have individual animation clips per action in the game. That means several action clips stored inside a single .blend file getting exported as individual animations in one single FBX, along with the model and armature.
Are you, by any chance, still trying to achieve this, or should game developers stick with the build-in exporter?
Perhaps taking a look at Blender’s own exporter code might help if you haven’t already tried that.

Also, as rattle-snake has already pointed out, there should definitely be a checkbox for applying modifiers on export. That would save everyone a lot of trouble.

Looks like this addon is not really updated anymore by his author.

Nope, it’s updated all the time. I get constant updates from the developer from Blender Market.

In the past 7 days he’s fixed an issue with matrices, 3ds and Maya compatible camera export, an “Optimize For Game Engine” export setting, an option to adjust the camera rotation from 3ds Max/Maya to Blender and bug fixes.

Thank you, if you are in touch with him, could you tell him to have a little look onto the forum ? :slight_smile:

I messaged him on Blender Market with a link to your post.

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I seldom come here, but I did see your post, for I always received notifications when the thread has new replies.

The first feature, I don’t know why people use custom properties, so I have not achieved it.

The second feature, apply modifiers requires clone the mesh to avoid touching the original mesh, which may introduce bugs, so I did not achieve it too.

The add-on will get improvement in the future, at present, I focus on important features.

Thanks for your advice.