[BGMC 33] King Karting

Here is my finished game, it is called king karting because the Track is in the shape of a crown.
Blender 2.79 is what is was built in, works in UPBGE 2.5, but had some weird vehicle issues, playable. UPBGE EEVEE crashes for me, with pixel shader on, without it works but no textures show up ingame.

gokartgame.blend (4.8 MB)

here is my WIP pos: [BGMC 33] Karting Game

Credits: Road normal map from Environment-Textures.com, Pixel shader from Pixelate shader, filter2D [BGE], Car python script, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhvZQGYahnQ


Well done, you captured the feel of early karting games pretty well!

Thanks, I didn’t have time to everything(school being a factor) I wanted, But I worked hard on getting the feel right.

Its a great little racing game and it is really easy to control the kart! I would love to see some colorful landscapes to race through.

Yah I wanted that, too. I am planning on working on it more to add ai, landscape, and some other things. I am glad you liked it