[BGMC 34] Macaw Squad

Download standalone release (Windows and Linux)

Download source code on Github

Here’s our entry for the BGMC 34. We didn’t manage to finish it in time, but it’s still pretty functional. The Blender version is the vanilla 2.79b.


  • Left mouse: Shoot
  • Right mouse: Release soldier when targeting a hostage
  • W, A, S, D: Move

Move around the scenery, kill hostile soldiers and make soldiers jump from the
chopper to let them release the hostages on the ground. Once a hostage is released,
land the chopper to pickup the hostage and the soldier.


@Diego_Almeida_Santos (modeling and texturing)
@Capuco_Gamer (animations)
@joelgomes1994 (programming, sounds and music)

Demo video






It’s looking polished already, very nice! I am excited to see more of the gameplay, I sure hope you can finish a lot before Monday!


Looking very good, I like the helicopter movement particularly and the character models, good luck hitting the deadline!

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Well, we didn’t manage to finish it in time, but it’s still pretty functional. The
main post was updated with download links (both source code and standalone releases).

The theme song was composed and recorded by me specially for this game.

Isn’t that Cube engine music :upside_down_face: no offense, sounds familiar. Great job on your art, looks amazing.

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Never heard it, I’ll check it out.

Thanks, man! :smiley:

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@fredstash When you make the games pack please compress just the data folder from the Github repository, as the other directories aren’ t useful for the end user (or just link the release standalones). If you need additional info, the Blender version is 2.79b and the main blend file is Macaw Squad.blend.

I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, I was hoping to put all the .blends/.exe’s on google drive and share that through a link. I’m not sure what you want me to do, but I’m honestly pretty busy today, so idk how soon I’ll get the game pack put together, but I can hopefully get a vote put together by the end of today.

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Geez… If this helps, I made a compressed version of the project source with a README file with all the needed info. The file is here.

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Great work! I like the theme, definitely would like to see this game finished.

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Thanks! We certainly intend to. :smiley: