What are you doing here, Wolfboy? Same as everyone else: collecting shiney coins. Looking for that PAYDAY. Anyone tries to get in my way, I’ll cut him to shreds with supersonic speed.

Fight against my dumbest, most relentless AI yet.

One arena.
Three fighters.

Become the champion… or die trying!
But most likely die, there’s no endgame.

·Left click to attack
·Right click to move
·R to use your special attack

Music, sounds, textures, models, etc. are all mine and GPL.
Use, reuse, distribute, modify, all that good stuff.

The CP437 font is (I guess) IBM’s property. I got it for free on GitHub and edited it so the alt codes would work with my keyboard layout. Dunno what’s the license on that but it’s use is so ubiquitous it hardly matters.

Download: GUNPIG II.rar (Google Drive)

I think I packed everything correctly but I haven’t done that in a while, so let me know if anything’s missing.



This was actually really cool. I really like the art style, music and the concept overall. The animations work quite well, the sword combos look good, and the flash speed attack is wonderfully done. I must say I wasnt able to kill anyone without using the flash attack, the AI is ruthless. If theres something I would suggest it to make the combat a bit slower so you can spend a bit more time in the melee range, thats where the fun is. But I thought this was a pretty cool concept and execution, I could definitely see a full game like this! Congrats

Haha, yeah sorry about that. I wanted to add in things like blocking, parrying and dodging but that would’ve increased the number of states per character a little too much and I was running out of time, so I just made it so the special attack gives you invincibility frames and called it a day.

But I had a lot of fun working on this, the code is all pretty simple which makes it easy to expand on with additional content. Maybe one day c:


You should totally add those layers, you have a pretty cool start here, its already quite fun for the time you had to create it. I happen to be experimenting with a melee combat system as a way to learn more about the engine, so it’ll be interesting to take a look inside this one and learn a bit!

I second what arch.sketch said. I really like the game and wish there was more!