Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


(kkar) #609

Well discussions here is no use for devs, only bug reports matter. No bug reports, no fix. You say they are working on it, there needs to be a dev page about it.

The bottom line is that there should not be any regression with switching left and right click functionality.

(Thinking Polygons) #610

There will be none. But they can’t be equal. Things are evolving.

(kkar) #611


The switching left and right click selection (via the prefs) option works like this at the moment.

The buyer: Hey i want an apple
The shop owner: Sure, what kind of apple do you want?
The buyer: Red apple please
The shop owner: Sure, take this nice red tomato

Breaking is not evolution, evolution works by copying the best features to the next iteration, not breaking what works already.

(Thinking Polygons) #612

That’s not how I see it. For me things are getting way better, finally.

(Thinking Polygons) #613

Give it a year or two, almost no one will be using RCS. :grinning:

(kkar) #614

I am not claiming things are worse in general but this is one functionality I care the most, which is being able to drag things in 3d space with left click (continuous grab).

I am wondering though, do you use continuos grab at all? This functionality is perfect for tablet users when it works for left click because the left click is putting the pen tip down with a graphics tablet, therefor click and drag works perfectly when used with a tablet. This particular feature probably saved me millions of clicks and presses over 15 years in Blender. That is significant.

RCS as you guys call it, is not a replacement for LCS for a tablet user. With a tablet I need to press an extra button to do the (RCS) right click-drag vs left click drag which is by nature part of dragging your pen on the tablet’s surface.

Imagine this please, you have a pencil in your hand, and that pencil can only make a mark on the paper only if you press and hold a special location on the pencil with your holding hand so you can write a love letter to your loved one. It will be a crummy love letter. Not comfy.

If you only use a mouse, sure it looks like left or right click no biggie. With a tablet it makes a big difference because now an extra finger needs to be involved to get a functionality that has been working perfectly for so many years with left click.

Bear in mind that, bone posing with left click is also broken now.

Anyway, if any one here feeling passionate about this issue, please head over to the developer.blender and add new bugs about these or show support for the existing ones like the one I opened.


(Thinking Polygons) #615

I got no problems with my tablet.
And no, this is not what continuos grab is. Continuos grab is that thing when your cursor reaches the edge of the screen and then it appears on the other side.
What you want is the tweak mode, and like I said, they are working on it

(kkar) #616

Indeed you are right ( my continuous grab and the interface one’s fucntionality) is mixed up. I should rework my lingo and just call it continuous grabbing, dragging or tweak mode as you put it. What I mean is naturally release confims along with left click select.

(Thinking Polygons) #617

Don’t worry, it will come in either in the form of a very powerful tweak mode or as a less powerful tweak tool.

(Indy_logic) #618

Yep, Tweak is the last thing that needs to be tackled.

(Indy_logic) #619

One thing I’m wondering about is, you know when you ctrl+ right mouse drag, it does a lasso select? Is there a way to change that to Box Select?

(kkar) #620

I always used 'b" for box select, and it seems like they retained that in the 2.8 branch. You can try reassigning it in the input menu. Search for box in the search field.

Whether they have some power tweak is on the way or not, it is pretty convoluted at the moment. Even if you use LC to select stuff (like box select) or not you will still need to use left click to operate all kinds of operations in Blender. This trying to unify selection under left click I mean right click but wait left click is box select but right click is a select too… is totally making it convoluted.

You have by default “select with right click” enabled. Cool, but your box selection works with left click. There you go. Selection is set to right click, but works with left click. Are we not trying to unify the experience? It seems like the selectionman has split personality now. You have the option to select with left click, so you choose it from the menu. Now your left click is a selection and a box selection(by default), but your right click became a floating menu, the behavior is not swtiched as one might expect.

(Indy_logic) #621

No, I don’t think that was the idea. I think it’s more about making feel more like other 3D apps without having to go full industry standard keymap. So with left click select, selection and bounding box selection are on the same mouse button. But in Right click select, it’s Blender standard. So, it’s not about just strictly reversing the input method. There are things that left click people will be expecting and this is what it’s all about. At least, that’s the way I understood it.

Besides, why would anyone using right click select care about how things are done in the left click world? Actually this is kind of another thing in this thread that’s got me wondering: Why are so many right click select people coming in here and freaking out about left click select? It literally has no bearing on them what-so-ever.

Aslo, if you have some kind of issue with how right click select is being handled in 2.8, this isn’t really the place for it. You’d be better off starting a thread on the devtalk forum.

(Antaioz) #622

You got that backwards.

(drgci) #623

I also like the left click select
Hopefully it become the default for blender

(kkar) #624

Yupp, trying to marry those together peacefully is a forced marriage and as far as I can tell this is not working out so well for either camps. The solution was much simpler, just make left select (from 2.7x and earlier) to be the default mode, instead of right select being the default.

The rule should be that you stick to what you know the best and dont sail into unknown worlds of corporate 3d applications.

I used every major 3d application known to 3d production along with Blender (except 3smax,hatefully) and 2.8 makes me still confused about this selection issues, not sure if a regular Maya Joe can just chime in and start using 2.8 peacefully as expected when it comes to mouse buttons on steroids implementation in 2.8, if that was the original goal.

(zeauro) #625

It always was same behavior in 2.7x,2.6x,2.5x…
If you call a box tool, definition of border of the rectangular area is done by using left click. It is the case for box select, for clipping border, zoom border or render border, box mask, hide bounding box in sculpt mode.

So, no. left click for box select feels natural to any Right Click user, since years.
What is new is the access to box-select without calling a shortcut as the default active tool.
Indeed, that may confuse new users. But will LMB/RMB switch be used by new users in 2.8 if LMB is the default ?

That is WIP. They will adapt default Right click keymap and 2.7x, latter. For the moment, they are trying to build the industry standard keymap on left click keymap.
Don’t forget that Spring team artists are still using 2.8. Probably some of them are using Right click keymap and others left click one.
Situation is a little bit messy, today. But it will be clarified before 2.80.

(Ace Dragon) #626

Another commit that dovetails into the more standard workflow, deselecting everything by clicking on empty space has been implemented.

(Thinking Polygons) #627

About time…