Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


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… so why stop here - now it’s time to make it touch & gesture friendly!
For everyone to use it - even sheep, cats, dogs, mice, fish…
… and in a decade or so add voice or mind control.

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Hey maybe you joke, but I would love for Blender to become VR-friendly one day. People joke about VR becoming advanced enough that they practically start living in their favorite game world and hardly ever leave. I think I might live in Blender!

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No joke, a humorous push to advance - STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT - My wish too, but i wouldn’t count solely on VR, but more likely AR – i’m still very much in love with nature why i’d love to go creating wherever i feel good…

Seating behind the desk, using non-ergonomic peripherals is a silent killer and is making us all structurally/anatomically & genetically impaired!

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I downloaded the latest 2.8 build to try this out today on Mac and I don’t have those options on the splash screen, nor is left click the default for me. I know how to go change it in settings, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I screwed up first

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Really surprising for an official forum of a commercial software that they allow that kind of threads about other softwares. Do they not consider Blender as a serious competitor? Or are they (the company) really open-minded people?

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I’m not really sure. I guess it’s because they can’t really tell their customers that they can’t use Blender in a MODO pipeline.

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Whoa, did not see that coming. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this single decision (well, and also the work to make left-click select work “normally”) is going to lead to far faster adoption by casual/professional users alike.

I daresay this confusion of right-click select (and left-click moving the 3D Cursor around) was the number one issue that led to many closing Blender on the first go (whose needs didn’t extend to bothering to looking up what’s going on). Well done, devs!

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clean your stored/old settings/ preferences

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Sorry if this is already answered, anyway, simple question:
how I can get the Grab Tool to work in same way as in 2.79, in 2.8 left-click select mode? This (left click select and Grab tool) worked in 2.79 and earlier, now I’m completely confused.

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Just tried that. I hit the set to factory defaults option under the file menu and still didn’t work.

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Hi 2004 user, my respect :slight_smile:

Edit > Preferences, Under Editing and in Transform item uncheck Release Confirms

Could you explain why this is useful for you? Or is it that you are simply used to working that way?

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It’s sad that it has been seen as a competition for so long but yes, I am happy that left-mouse select “won” and more happy to see influential Blender heads stating why it is reasonable to have done this despite their personal preferences.

I hear you. Not enough for me not to visit, but I too find it odd that the mods are in support of something they know is antagonistic. Especially given the heavy-handed tactics they’ve used recently in threads about the subject.

That said, I think you’ll find that the humour reason/excuse wears thin with time. Just as the old guard eventually realised that left-mouse select supporters weren’t without merit in their position, they’ll realise it’s rather petty to keep poking us after the battle has been fought, won, and become history. There is a reason only the trolls roll out the confederate flag in southern USA. Give it time.

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Well I’m afraid that ‘‘release and confirms’’ is different thing. In short, in previous versions (and in 2.8 in right-click select mode), Grab Tool worked in similar way as let’s say 3d Studio Max ‘select and move’’ tool, one action for select and move in same time, in object and edit mode as well. Release confirms just causes the end of action on release (or not). In Maya, it’s possible to create the custom command for similar effect of permanent (so, no tilde as modifier key) tool. Tried 2.79 way in 2.8, but no hope with that one, too.

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Oh, you are not up to date with the changes even before to what I had mentioned. You see Tools panel on your left, the first button by default is Select Box. You hold that button down for a while and you choose just Select.

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I don’t think it will be on the daily build until tomorrow.

But you have to clear some files in order to get the First Launch splash screen. Assuming you’re on Windows, go to [username]/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender and just delete the entire 2.80 folder. That folder also contains your startup file and user prefs, so unless you were manually resetting these every time you downloaded a new 2.8 build, those settings would’ve persisted across builds for you.

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I have great news for you!


The select “tool” has different modes. By default its set to box select. Set it to just “Select” and you have grab’n’drag back! This was recently (I think the 22nd) implemented by Brecht based on people who missed the old behavior. I only noticed it today after it was pointed out to me.

Enjoy! :smiley:

You can still use B for box select and C for paint select. After you “exit” those just like before you will go back to plain select.

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The foundry offer blender as a service in there cloud based platform similler to nimple collective. They are making money of blender and they will happily promot it.

Speaking of the Foundry their software now phone home and alert about cracked copies of their software. And they use that information to send legal letters to pirate and threaten them with legal action if they don’t pay damages not just the price of pirated software…

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Scrolled past an interesting statistic offered by one of the devs in a discussion elsewhere (dev forums). Apparently Blender users are split 50/50 (before the defaults change) between using left click for select and right click for select.

Assuming that even a small minority of people using right-click select did so because they didn’t know they could change or simply got used to it before finding out - this means that more people were CHOOSING left-click select than the other way around. With this in mind, it makes sense why they have gone with LMB-Select as default.

They also include an option for re-enabling the old “select/deselect all” toggle as well as the change to select/box select modes for enabling the old “tweak” mode.

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Thanks for answer, this works, anyway imho It has to be separated tool. Still not industry standard… and good reason for me to extend the accidental use for next 14 years (if you’re already around '2004 user). Anyway, thanks.

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i saw the stats and was like damn “3900 posts 703983 views +3525”