Blender 2.8 is now fully usable with left-click object selection


(Antaioz) #770

Why? Is your left hand busy?


yeah but i only want to move one finger or two, and not two hands im lazy hazy.


left hand coffe zigarette a little snake.

with snake i mean snickers.

(Thinking Polygons) #773

My point exactly…

(Antaioz) #774

If you’re left hand isn’t using the software, you’re not working very fast or in a very focused way, so speed is irrelevant.

I’m sure we could toy with putting the context menu on the left button, for the rcs map. But I suspect it’d get mis-clicked a bit.


(Richard Culver) #776

Don’t do it man! Run while you still can! There’s still time to save yourself…:smiley:

(strapazie) #777

I gave “left-click select” a try, but “right-click” is just superior by all means IMHO.
Seperating “action” from “selection” is extremely useful when dealing hit dense mesh.

(FinalBarrage) #778

I went ahead and split a couple comments who were drifting off topic. If you guys wish to continue that discussion, feel free to go here: Colored Wireframe/icons discussion

(Michael W) #779

There is still a long way to go in my opinion.
If I’m using the “move tool” the “drag action” can’t be turned off. Id rather have the drag action be box select and use the manipulators for actual moving. then I could click in space to deselect and select individual components with a direct click.

when using the “tweak select” tool you have to be so much more precises to select a vertex… it’s ridiculous! I know I can turn off face selection in that mode but 2.79 was so much more forgiving for selecting vertices… on a large graphics tablet with a hi res screen the hotspot precision is horrible!

Using the timeline: I know it’s consistent to have selecting keyframes be LMB but scubbing on RMB feels so weird! It would be much better to have a “richer” timeline interaction… make it so clicking (and or click dragging) on empty space sets or scrubs the playhead… but clicking on keyframes selects them.

or maybe split it into an upper and lower area… one for scrubbing and one for selecting… add box select when click dragging in selection area and click on empty space to deselect…

Just my 2 pennies!

(zeauro) #780

There is a shortcut for move tool into 3D View global section of default keymap.
If you disable the shortcut for both active tool and global shortcuts, you can disable drag action.

That may seem weird but that LMB keymap works the same in 2.79.

(Michael W) #781

Ok. I’ll investigate but Also G R and S are not the same as the move, rotate and scale “active tools” … this is a good thing and was a key part of how I’d use the manipulator in 2.79… is it possible to have different shortcuts for both? (and have the behaviour I described?
Also your solution wouldn’t give me the box select on drag

That may seem weird but that LMB keymap works the same in 2.79.

Yes, those weird inconsistencies between editors are why I stuck with RMB select! LMB was a dog in 2.79

RMB select does have some advantages but these can be nullified with more improvements to LMB implementation.

Also: the tweak tool is only nice if you have “release confirms” switched on… but this makes the 2.79 workflow with G R and S broken. I was hoping for the accesability of LMB select and working like “other” packages whilst maintaining all the cool directness of 2.79 “expert” workflow

(zeauro) #782

W is now shortcut to call Select Tool. You can create same kind of shortcut to switch active tool to move gizmo, rotate gizmo or scale gizmo.
But I did not try to rewrite LMB keymap to be fluent, yet. It is new for me, too.

(Michael W) #783

Right. It’s just a shame that active tools are just not as configurable as I’d like. really wanted a move tool with drag action to be box select!

also alt LMB with lmb select can’t loopselect when you have “emulate 3 button mouse” which is a must for a tablet user IMO!

Looks like I’ll be sticking to RMB select and finding the keymap a bit lacking


Doubble ckick selects edge loop

(SidV) #785

What left click? Hell, i would try it if i could find it. In the Pablos Video you could choose a left click option on the splash screen. Must have downloaded the wrong “Beta” cause my splash screen shows something completely different. Someone mentioned “Of course you dont see it, It only works if you start 2.8 for the first time”, as this was common knowledge. Is it? I feel stupid…


you have 3 options

  • load factory settings

-user preferences/ input

-Windows; C drive, user, your pc,app data,roaming, blender foundation, delete startup file.

bad explaination.

(SidV) #787

Well thanks for the effort. Load the factory setting seems to work but after a restart (even tho i saved it as a new startup file) right click is active again.

I also deleted the startup.blend and then restart blender wich gives me the optionless splash screen and right click again. Now i could just load the factory setting everytime i start a session but that would mean i have to redefine my custom keys everytime wich is definately no option.

any other suggestions?

Edit: saving the preferences did the trick and now its starts with left click, stupid me, but still no option in splash screen.


User preferences under input the first thing you see is the option lef click right click select

you deleted the wrong startup folder i guess.

(SidV) #789

Yes, thats what i tried the first time. Problem was that, if i chose left click you couldnt select anything anymore, neither with left or right click option active. Anyway, load factory settings and save preferences did the trick with the left click problem.

How does you splash screen look like? Do you have all those options that pablo showed in his video?