Blender Game Engine, can Blender make a game for android?

I used blender a long time, but I just know the blender game engine , I usually make games using Unity. I do not know about Blender game engine, can make game faster ?, how about adding UI in blender game ?, can i add box collider in blender game engine?

Can I make an android game with Game engine blender?

Sorry, I really do not know about blender game engine

The BGE supports:

WindOS, Linux and MacOS

no Android

BGE can actually be exported to android but the process is near impossible. Check this link. There is however a working alternative to BGE, called Armory Engine which I am a big fan of. It can export games made in Blender to android. In fact, I have done it:

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Sorry man i really do not know, but blender still okay, i can make ui with script, and i can combine with unity, i think if blender can make android game, it make blender could be better, i wish blender can support html ui Or flash ui (like scaleform) it makes a wow blender

You can export a blender game to android devices withthis build(2.63). It is very easy and works great out of the box.
However, publishing a game on google play store is another thing and it is not supported by blender.

@arifoxs Why on earth you would want html UI - hard to support, huge spikes and lag, greatly overrated, meaningful only for huge UI systems like for MMOs…and still I prefer scaleform.
I also have been using scaleform for several years - no cons, but 10000$ fee per released game :slight_smile: (back in the days)

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It is possible. In fact if I recall Android is practically Linux. I am sure you can like the others have said.
However for UI. Easily done. Looking up a tutorial can answer that.

BGE can do many things. I prefer current version of UPBGE because I get 50-60 FPS (60 most of the time) compared to normal/very early versions of UPBGE. Btw, I am creating a MMO (and it already works) so if anyone is like. “Good luck trying to make MMO” throw them my way. :wink:

There is actually a completed MMO available. (Sorry, didn’t mean to advertise. Just questions like these make me think many people think of Blender as a weak game engine when it can make sick games)

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About that, UI is always useful to make games,:slight_smile:

I’m using HTML5 UI because it’s easy to learn and can collaborate with Web Designers who are not game skill experts,:yes: I do not know that HTML UI is so less efficient, But for PC games it seems okay, I’m using Awesomium(PC only) with Unity3d,

Actually I do not really like HTML5. I like Flash UI, because it is very easy :eyebrowlift2:, I import flash file (.swf) into UI in unity using UniSWF, disadvantage is script (gotoandStop, play) can not be imported, therefore script must be done manually in Unity using Javascript.

About Scaleform, I really like scaleform, especially in combination with UDK3 and Flash, I can make a great game, but UDK3 can not make android game, then UDK4 now no longer use Scaleform as UI, why?:frowning: I really liked the UDK4 feature that can make android games,

I think because Autodesk makes their own GameEngine (Stingray Engine) Autodesk uses Scaleform only for Stringray, but I do not know for sure, I think UI scaleform is good, but I do not know Game Engine that has supported scaleform, I hope in the future Scaleform can be free And can be used with Blender,:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

Thank you

After the SOLVED.
One of the most promising topics around BGE is the compilation of the engine for Android - and with the available sources, it is quite real for professionals. This is would give a different start for BGE - imagine, you made a simple game, and by exporting made an apk for Android - within three clicks of mouse. Then Blender3d would acquire a different status - the engine on which you can easily create games for phones and tablets. And this many times would increase the interest in the program. :yes:

Thank you.

It is definitely a step the Blender engine must take to stay in the real world. The masses are already depended on handhelds.

I am a highschool teacher of computer science and I can assure you that there is already a problem with children not knowing what a desktop is, or what Windows is, what is Microsoft, who is Bill Gates, etc etc. It is not an exaggeration, I mean it. They have grown up with android and apple smartphones. About half of them do not have a computer (laptop or desktop) at home. They think image processing is an app that “beautifies” selfies. They have trouble understanding left click and right click (there is no such thing in the touch screen, you either touch or not).

The masses are headed to “click this, tap that” skill level. No wonder Flappy Bird went viral a few years ago.

We don’t want Blender to miss out on the opportunity now, do we ?

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I think you didn’t read what I wrote: “You can export a blender game to android devices withthis build(2.63).” It is official android version of Blender and it is hosted on
This means it is very possible to export bge game to android. I have personally done several “games” with this version that are currently on my android phone.
I think what everybody means here, is that there is no support for google play store…which means you can not publish your blender game on android store. You can play it on your phone and your friends can play it.Which is different from “not being able to make android games”. Just installation is not user friendly and you can not publish it on the store.

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But if it can not publish to the store = no money can be made = nobody will invest serious time and expertise in a project.

In the end, what is Blender ? Is it just a tool for demonstrating skills for portfolios ?

Is it not a tool to get the job done from A to Z ? Because this is what it is advertised as.

But if it can not publish to the store = no money can be made = nobody will invest serious time and expertise in a project.

In the end, what is Blender ? Is it just a tool for demonstrating skills for portfolios ?

Is it not a tool to get the job done from A to Z ? Because this is what it is advertised as.

Yep, you can not make money with mobile games using BlenderGE. But guess what…right now you can not make money making mobile games at all. Just the market is oversaturated and nobody cares anymore about those game. I guarantee you maximum 100$ for the first month.
However, you can make PC games with BGE and sell them on Steam. (check my signature :wink: )

…And Blender itself is a tool, that can get the job done from A to Z. Just BlenderGE is not…yet.

Most mobile games $$$ from ads.

  • Yes, of course teacher! :rolleyes: :slight_smile:
  • Yes, but they advertise the same games.Let’s just say - most games bring money at the expense of in-game events - buying an upgrade player, skin … or disabling advertising.

Money are directly connected to game downloads, adv and in-game events are consequences of the downloads. Most mobile games nowadays get to 10000 downloads or less. That means no money. Excluding top games which are 0.01% of all games but are actually the games most players sees and thinks every game is getting 50m downloads.

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Now we are getting somewhere :slight_smile:

So you are saying that PC Steam market is significantly more profitable than mobile market ?

As long as indies are involved YES, it is far more profitable. But as you may know…having a game to sell is one thing, selling it is totally another. To sell your game well, you need to advertise in different channels, make connections with PR agents…etc. It’s tons of work…actually it’s far more exhausting than creating the actual game.

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Thanks for your replies!

Oh, marketing. I don’t like it… but what we do, that is life.

I have seen your games a long time now, and needless to say they are 100% professional. I especially like Krum.
It is amazing that one person did all this work. Well done.

I hope you are doing well financially so that you keep up with this full time. I am working towards the same direction,
but part time since it is now too late to change full time profession. am now building a serious single player game, it will
probably take me a year or so. I will try to sell it for PC, Linux and Mac. To see how much money can be made.
But it is a long way until then. But we will keep in touch.

Steam is pretty saturated too. I actually had $15 that I was trying to get rid of on steam, and there was so much stuff that I ended up just getting some DLC for Fallout 4.
If you are really good. You could hijack a mod. What I mean is you do something like Enderal in the Skyrim engine, and then you make the sequel in your own blender engine with all your own assets. (Like I said, you would have to be very very good).
By the way if any of you decide to do this, let me know. I want in.