Blender Launcher [Standalone Software Client]

Doesn’t Blender internal solution works for you?
Since many request I will try to check what can be done in this area, but no promises for now.
For Linux I use xdg-open, so it might be configured in a different way on your OS (what distribution by the way?).
Glad that BL improves your experience! No much time to work on it unfortunately :cry:

Blender Launcher 1.5.0 released!

P.S. Did internally some steps towards automatic file scanning which eventually should be a part of blender configs feature. Hope will work on it asap.


  • “Reload Library Folder Content” doesn’t clean up custom builds information [#16]
  • Blender Launcher process not killed if user refused to select library folder on fresh start [#17]


  • Sorting by build version
  • Stable builds now shows explicit versions (i.e. 2.79 (sub 0) -> 2.79b)


  • Add .blinfo file versioning (will reload all existing builds information at first start - may take a while)

Known Issues:

  • Downloads not take into account If build information was not loaded until next update cycle

Hey Oleg, I just bought the addon from Gumroad, but to be honest I am getting confused by what I need to do to set the whole thing up. I created a random folder called Library and then created subfolders…you know the ones called stable, custom etc… I then unzipped a portable version and placed it in the Custom build. I tried refreshing to see if it catches the blender.exe, and I do not see it in the startup. For the record I am using the Ecycles versions of blender. What am I missing?

This is what it looks like

As far as I understand it is a paid build so I don’t have access to test it.
The blender.exe should be placed directly under “E_cycles_2.90_ v20201006_win”.
You can send a screenshot of that directory contents, however it is probably the same as official builds.

Blender Launcher 1.6.0 released!

Follow Installation instructions and notes on Wiki page.
Please, read about how to report a bug before creating an issue.


  • Sorting fails when locale is not set (introduced in #21)
  • Bring window to front fails in some situations on Windows


  • Automatic update of Blender Launcher binary instead of redirecting to GitHub releases page
  • New setting for choosing default library page shown at startup (Default Downloads Page)
  • New settings for toggling notifications (When New Builds Are Available, When Downloading Is Finished)
  • New setting for automatic marking of newly downloaded build as favorite (Mark New Build As Favorite)


  • File structure and scripts refactor for easy use with pipenv (check Development page on Wiki)
  • PyInstaller version updated to 4.0
  • Minimum GLIBC version raised to 2.27

P.S. Automatic update feature took too much time, hope it will work at least…


Greetings folks!

I came into some bad issue cause by Linux distribution differences - even Ubuntu 18 and 20 not compatible for some reason (issue #24).
Basically, the perfect way is to build BL exclusively under all available distros, however it is time consuming as well as I don’t think there is too many users of BL with wide range of Linux version.
If someone have a good solution or I can simply use latest Linux to builds BL, please let me know :smiley:
Also, I simplified building process so follow instruction on Development page of Wiki.

For those, who have issues with launching blender, please download this build:

Thanks and have a good day!

Ok, it seems it was kind of false alert :confused:

I discovered what was the problem and can continue build under Ubuntu 18 without breaking most of the other distros!

The build with fix can be checked out here:

Blender Launcher 1.7.1 released! :jack_o_lantern:

Happy Halloween everyone! :ghost: Info about 1.7.0 was suddenly skipped, so here is the full log for you!

Follow Installation instructions and notes on Wiki page.
Please, read about how to report a bug before creating an issue.

Version 1.7.1


  • Automatic update feature fails in some cases
  • Symlink fails on Windows almost always
  • Symlink shown gray out in context menu even when available

Version 1.7.0


  • Linux compatibility issue - fail to launch Blender or open containing folder (#21, #24)
    Note: the issue may cause failing of automatic update feature on 1.6.0!


  • Added ability to create symlink for selected build via context menu (points to “%Library Folder%/bl_symlink”)
  • Added support for deleting multiple builds at once


  • Added missing styles for file dialog
  • Cleanup & Refactor

Known Issues:

  • Removing builds causes list scroll to top (QT5 internal bug)
  • There is still some stability fixes might to be done for Linux, further investigation needed
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