Blender LEGO FPS Game :: Armies of War: Red Assault

I already started to make levels.

I made a get on and off system:

I made a get on and off system:

Nice turrret… and other things!

posting a new update maybe today :confused:

New Stuff:
My Website


This game is awesome I made so much stuff!!!
I also made a website and other stuff

Wow, man, you left your thread for lots of time, wait some time in order to get shaky! eheheheh.

Good job with your game, its looking intresting I hope you keep up with your game!

i might show the first mission as a small preview

Thanks dude. did u check out my website

Yes I did, its simple but its looking nice, one question since you came up with the subject, how mutch you pay for your domain, Ineed a cheape domain for my new game and im researching.

I believe it’s free. Look at the bottom left. :slight_smile:

Nice work Nikita, it’s lookin’ good.

This looks very interesting :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the final product.

I use the free version. Sorry

Use X10hosting; It’s free and very good for your lack of money :wink:

download the better working testlevel. I added some new pictures.

what type of website are you talking about?
I have webs

I think that i’m going to finish this game in like 6-9 months.

Sorry for not posting updates, but i did make a new video check it out at the top, first page :slight_smile:

New Pictures