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many of the pew pew

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I like how you just toggle on and off the UI, this is a really well designed editor for in a Game. dude i must say it does amazing things im totally blown away at your brilliant coding skills. :smiley:

Keep up the AWESOME work bro :wink:


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Thanks Fred!

spawning in vegitation (only in the lowlands atm) next is some random trees along the way, and maybe cutting the draw distance a bit to make room for buildings / more vegetation up close.

(right now the spawn bubble is a 20BU Diameter circle I can cut off 1.5 units or so and free up 256 * the number of tiles not spawned faces/ and game objects)

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Fresh hot update!

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equip/drop item in

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I like the node setup as well bro !!!


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Keep motivated. I know it can be lonely creating a game by yourself (as I am also doing) ----- if you feel tired, take a few days off. It will refresh your mind.

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tried to figure out the exoskeleton hip join and succeed! full 45 range of motion on all joints and 90 on forward back axis

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