Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

(BluePrintRandom) #3801

(Lostscience) #3802

finally a robot battle.i loved it.

(BluePrintRandom) #3803

Thanks @lostscience

enemy units now strafe while firing if close

(BluePrintRandom) #3804

Ok I think I just need a jump back state and a flee state.


bge is dead :wink:

(BluePrintRandom) #3806

that’s nice timmy,
try not to eat any paste.

(BluePrintRandom) #3807

(Lostscience) #3808

I really like this.this breaks up the monotonoy.

(BluePrintRandom) #3809

Ok, next up monday morning is player death, then player vs robot interactions (for fun)

then I pause for a moment to try and get ge_mesh_builder working for the Ketsji fork.

(BluePrintRandom) #3810

So I am using all the systems I designed in this game !

I rewrote it all from scratch for the comp :smiley:

Go BGE !

(Lostscience) #3811

this is great.

(BluePrintRandom) #3812

now we are generating planets :3rd_place_medal:
used wrectified systems in lost star tribe.

systems worked perfectly but I bit off more than a large team could chew :stuck_out_tongue:

(BluePrintRandom) #3813

on to ui for the tools !

(BluePrintRandom) #3814

ok the UI inital spawn is in, and sliders are working / editing the correct values

next up is making it flush the current tool ui when you change tools and rebuild it with the new tool options,

then onto completing all the modes / widgets functionality !!!

(BluePrintRandom) #3815

UI flush / rebuild is in

(BluePrintRandom) #3816

Paint is working!

(BluePrintRandom) #3817

(BluePrintRandom) #3818

so in case you did not know, the level editor for Project star tribe will be used to make wrectified when star tribe is finished :smiley:

(BluePrintRandom) #3819

Disintegration :smiley:

(BluePrintRandom) #3820

Building assembly working - next is batching each building as 1 drawcall