BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(burnin) #181

^true expert :slight_smile:


Does this addon overwrite previous blender UI layouts or does it only change everything when activated? I hope I can switch between my normal setup and Bmax at any given time. c:

(Rhauk) #183

First of all; great work! I really appreciate the effort that went into this :slight_smile: I’m new to Blender and this is helping with the transition.

As for my question; I like using a quad view when modelling, but I notice that the BMax Tool Panel is covering parts of the two right viewports, which makes everything off-center and a bit awkward to use. Is there a way to make the BMax Tool Panel a separate “block” so that it won’t cover up any of the viewports?

(fiendish55) #184

You can’t make modules inside “N” & “T” (keyboard shortcuts) panels a floating blocks which is a bummer, but you can shift drag those small triangle corners to pop out new floating windows for any other tasks.

(ozzkar) #185

only when installing also the layout. i am sorry if this was the case, i’ve added a warning to the install “guide” (#84), so it does not happen in the future.

keymap file should not affect UI only kbd shortcuts. addon itself adds 4 keymap items that capture the right click. they can be removed and added on the fly by the “Right-Click Menu Toggle” at the bottom of the panel.

(Rhauk) #186

That’s a shame… I also noticed that the quad view in general seems to be a bit iffy in Blender, you can’t resize the individual views and it keeps resetting the top right view to whatever the last one I maximized was making going back and forth between maximized and quad view a pain.

Thanks for the advice though, I didn’t know that! I managed to create and split off a second viewport that I can put on my second monitor, this way I don’t even need the quad view! :slight_smile:

Another question: Is there any way for this addon (or just blender in general) to do a orbit gizmo like 3ds Max has? I’m not used to using alt-middle click to rotate the camera, preferring instead to toggle on and off the orbit mode with a keybind (ctrl-R in 3ds max).

(ozzkar) #187

sadly, addon has no such feature, as for blender, i don’t know.

(ozzkar) #188

Ever since I read your post, it was always at some level on my mind. I’ve been pondering it a lot :spin::confused:

I found out that I cannot commit myself to developing a full blender->max mod. I lack the necessary will/skill as the whole enterprise seems to me too overwhelming and I am not sure, I could even fulfill such a promise.

(z01ks) #189

Awesome work! The biggest thing I miss from 3ds max is the Symmetry modifier, which has a mirror plane that can be rotated interactively. Does anyone know if there is an analogous way of doing this in Blender?

On a side note, I tried writing a script that combines a boolean modifier with a simple subtractive box to cut off half of the object and then a mirror modifier that is linked to the boolean box. This allows to achieve something similar to what 3ds max has with its Symmetry modifier, but my script doesn’t work quite flawlessly. More complex objects will get broken, the boolean modifier leaves an inner surface at the middle that has to be removed manually.

Is anyone else missing the rotation of the Symmetry modifier mirror plane from max?

(ozzkar) #190

the closest i could come up with: put an empty (e.g. arrows) where you would like to have the mirror plane and set it as the “mirror object” in mirror modifier parameters. now you can manipulate the empty and the original object stays put. however it doesn’t “carve out” the original object when the mirrored copy intersects with it.

rereading your post, i guess the script you mention was supposed to remedy this (?)

maybe some real blender gurus could chime in?

(mnabievart) #191

Is there any way to change selection marquee to lasso? Regular LMB+Ctrl is not working anymore.

NVM, I changed it myself back to default. It would be great though to have that selection choice option.

(dandrea) #192

Hello all. Possibly this has been asked a dozen of times, but the search feature didn’t help much.

Is there a way of installing this addon and not using its key bindings?

(ozzkar) #193

Just install the Please, refer to this post.

(dandrea) #194

Thank you so much!

(fiendish55) #195

I think this is pretty close what you are after it auto cuts model and mirror it.

if you want to give thanks to the creator this toolset he has made is very handy for the price of couple coffee and save you alot of time in the long run.

(Åsmund) #196

Hi Ozzkar, I hope you still provide support. When I rightclick on a menu I get “can only scale region size from an action zone”
Why does this happend? Beside that, everything seems to work in 2.78. EDIT: I changed the layout to Maya and now it worked :slight_smile:

(geop0p3) #197

I am having some problems with the add vertex shortcut. I am using 3d max in my school but since I’m in linux I use Blender with your addon. Today we had an exercise like this one

The problem I had is with the crtl click to create a vertex. Nothing happens if I do that. THanks!

(ddrw133) #198

blender 2.79 BMax Tool Panel error only view create panel ~~

(ozzkar) #199

Use ctrl + right click instead of ctrl + left click. Sorry for the late reply :wink:

(geop0p3) #200

Thanks! Also… How can I edit materials? :o