BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)


(Monsieur_Raton) #61

Hello !
I’m a 3DSMax’s user since 10 years and it been about two months I working with Blender.
Thank for make BMax Tool !
That’s realy help me ^^

Will you add Knife & Bisect tool on the right clik menu too ?
What about the next update ?
Will you make a quad menu like 3DSMax ?

(ozzkar) #62

you are more than welcome :wink:

(ozzkar) #63

hi, i’m really glad to read this :). btw welcome to BA (i’m a new here as well).

knife is in edit mode under Slice > Cut (it’s the default blender’s knife - pretty good). what do you mean by bisect? i somehow missed this tool in max :confused:
EDIT: bisect is not in last official release (2.68a i guess) and i’ll stick there for a while. i’ve totally misunderstood your question - i see you already know about the knife tool :oanyway, it’s there :wink:

bmax is basically an “in-house” tool, so when it evolves i put the updates online. sadly i can’t tell when this happens, since it’s current state is “in-house” sufficient.

probably no, because blender exposes only simple menus (as i get it) and to create a quad menu would require some direct opengl access/rendering approach which would probably break things sooner than sticking with what blender exposes to add-ins natively.

totally off-topic: your avatar is hilarious :smiley:

(Craig Jones) #64

Bisect is a new blender tool I think, it allows to split a mesh in two based on the drawing of a line across the mesh, closing it up on both parts.

(ozzkar) #65

yes you are right, now i remember - that’s the new slice-like tool in upcoming blender :o i have totally misunderstood Monsieur_Raton’s question.

(Craig Jones) #66

no worries - this will continue to be an asset for many people I believe, and thank you again for sharing your work :smiley:

(ozzkar) #67

feels good :smiley:

(Dito) #68

Hi ozzkar,

I have only your script installed (no startup etc.) and the “Select with Left” in the Prefs.
Looks great so far.

But how can I move the 3D-Cursor and the Pop-Ups for Mirror, Clone etc.

I tried with LMB, MMB and RMB in combination with Strg, Alt and Shift…
No move at all.

A little Tip would be nice!

Win 7 Pro
Blender r60866

Cheers and thanks for your great script

P.S. As others have already mentioned, the Bisect tool would be a nice addition.

(ozzkar) #69

you need to disable the right-click menu. either via button on bmax panel (“Right-Click Menu Toggle”) or see the posts #43 and #44 for description on how to map this action to keystrokes. this frees the right click to manipulate the 3d cursor (this functionality is toggle-able).

it seems that anything UI related that blender draws into 3d view can’t be further manipulated as standard OS UI element. that means, you cannot move the dialogs once they are open. however you can either plan ahead and open them where they don’t obstruct your view or simply close them with OK button and make further manipulations in tool shelf.

EDIT (03-oct-2016): while using blender 2.77a i accidentally found out that anything pop-up-able can be moved just like any ‘normal’ window (menus even) - by dragging the window header :o

you can download the new version with bisect added (links are in OP) :wink:

(Monsieur_Raton) #70

Thanks you for the answers ^^
I will keep an eye on your tool because it really good ! :smiley:

(Dito) #71

Hi ozzkar,

it works.

Many thanks for your help and the new version!

(enriquepina) #72

I am in the middle of evaluating software for a small indy project we have coming up, and I’ve been doing alot of digging into Blender. My partners and I have 14 years each in Max so obviously the learning curve is extremely steep to pick up a software for a project with a really short turnaround. I had almost given up recommending the software until I stumbled upon this gem. This goes along way to help us feel familiar around Blender. I think my favorite layout is the Default, but i was wondering if you knew a way to move the tool bar to the top. I’ve made a mock up so you can see. I can’t thank you enough.

(ozzkar) #73

if i understand your question correctly: click the small arrow on the bottom of 3d view to make the tool bar visible > right click the tool bar > select ‘flip to top’ (you can manipulate the tool bars in each window in this way).

(enriquepina) #74

That did it!!!

Now its time to put Blender through the paces.

Thank you very much. Keep it up man.

(TheGrom) #75

Great, but now we require normal layer manager)

(onemanmob) #76

ozzkar, thank you so much for this tool set. I haven’t used Max in about 3 years and tried blender because I wanted a modeling solution that wasn’t outrageously priced. blenders control scheme kind of scared me off, but throwing on the 3ds Max key presets felt like putting a glove on and as soon as I load your tool set, I have a feeling it will be like coming home. I still would like to learn blenders work flow, but it helps me learn blender at a more comfortable pace.

Thank you very much for your work.

(ozzkar) #77

already in todo list :wink:

(raylight75) #78

Wow great ozzkar, thanks

(ozzkar) #79

your post means a lot to me. these were exactly the motivations and feelings i had picking up blender and making bmax tools afterwards :slight_smile:

(TheGrom) #80

Nice) thanks for efforts)