Boundary aligned remesh

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Currently playing with Boundaty Aligned Remesh. :heart: it. Thanks for developing and sharing.

What do the Iterations contribute to the final result? A (much) higher value doesn’t seem to yield a visibly better topology compared to a low Iterations value.

yes, I think its because once its reached a local minimum, around 60 iterations it is already very dense and doesn’t have much room to change.

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Hi @Jeacom,

I’m using Boundary Aligned Remesh to remesh closed curves, then Shrinkwrap them onto another mesh and finally Solidify the result.

But I noticed that the face structure (at least of the triangular polygon structure) is non-manifold here and there, containing double / mangled faces.

I’ve created a little screenshot compilation:

I tried a very high Iterations value, but that didn’t fix it.

Right now I need to manually correct the mangled polygons. It’d be great if you could find a fix for this.


did it happened once or every time you try it on this model?

Every time.

It might be because the edges are too stretched, could you try triangulating and then running Beautify Faces on it before remeshing?

Thanks, I’ll try it and report back.

Just a remark: I’ve tried to ZRemesh the shape in ZBrush, but that gave a much worse result. :slightly_smiling_face:

Too bad: same result. I’ve triangulated with Beauty method in both drop-downs of the options, but it didn’t seem to change the polygon structure, and Beautify Faces doesn’t seem to exist anymore in Blender 2.8.

its does work on 2.79? if not please make a release for 2.79…

it does exist

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I was planing to do so but stable 2.8 is being released soon, I don’t see a point.

Yess, it works! Thanks, @Jeacom! :smiley::+1:

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I want to implement those small details by default later.
I’m just too busy nowadays.

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I understand. You’re doing great work for the Blender community. Keep it up.

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not a plenty of people can use 2.8 (me for example) 2.8 requires more power on the graphic thing stuff like the opengl sh!t, neither not all people can afford a new pc or laptop for using blender (or other program tho). so please consider making a release for 2.79

Hi @Jeacom,

I’ve tried installing Boundary Aligned Remesh from the Preferences of the Blender 2.81 master build, but it doesn’t show up in the add-on list. Am I maybe doing something wrong, or is there a compatibility issue between add-ons for 2.8 and 2.81?

I haven’t tried adding other add-ons to 2.81 yet. Going to try that now.

Update: In the mean time I’ve tried a different add-on (@kkar’s EZLattice) and that works in 2.81.

New update: Boundary Aligned Remesh turns out to work fine as long as you install the latest and unZipped Python script. :+1:

There are still some issues with certain add-ons though.

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